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We’re very proud to showcase the stories behind some of recent projects. Here you will find some of our featured log cabin kits, log cabins for campgrounds, log cabin homes and various other projects we have been privileged to be associated with.

Carolina Beach State Park Cabins

We love hearing stories from our customers.  Below is a story about the cabins purchased for Carolina Beach State Park and the history behind their names.

Here’s a few nice pics of our new cabins at opening in late-May 2016.

A little info on our naming of your beautiful cabins:

Yaupon (pronounce Yo-pon) is an evergreen coastal shrub and member of the holly family. Yaupon is common around the cabins site and has beautiful red berries over the winter. A dark tea may be made from the dried leaves and interestingly it is the only North American plant w/ naturally occurring caffeine. Native Americans used this tea in purge ceremonies and called it, “the black drink”. Continue reading

Outdoorsman log cabin located in rural Oklahoma- Wilburton

When this customer contacted Conestoga about building he was 49, 2 children of his own and 1 grandchild. He is an airline employee with moderate construction skills.


Will [customer] was looking for a cabin kit to erect on 140 rural acres outside of Wilburton Oklahoma in the Arc du Bois mountains. Will was looking for a complete package kit- electrical, doors, windows, roofing, etc. The plans needed to be thorough and detailed, yet simple enough for a novice to understand for this DIY project. He wanted a quality product with technical support as needed. Continue reading

Loving Your Cabin Loft

Log cabin lofts are great for extra sleeping quarters but they can be so much more!   These multipurpose spaces can be used for a myriad of things.   Here are some creative ways to make your log cabin loft work for you and your family.

Playroom – Kids can feel like they have their own hideout but they are still within supervisory distance.  They can build forts, play games and work on arts and crafts.  When they’re not playing, the loft can be a children’s study area.  It’s not as confined as bedroom but allows students to be part of the family without as many distractions.   Continue reading

Timber Ridge Model Concept

The Timber Ridge was developed from a conceptual drawing of a custom home that was centered around a customer’s needs.

The customer wanted this home to portray a 100 year old building with the main goal of having a space for weekend retreats that could double as a hunting cabin.  Energy efficiency was also an interest, so a 3″ insulation package was added to our log wall system.

Challenges faced during this project were the many design edits made to achieve the exact building that the customer wanted.  Decisions varied from one model to another.  With time and dedication from all parties and working with design and drafting, all challenges were overcome.

We were able to use design and drafting to create an exact design in partnership with the customer. The customer was able to design the 3 bedroom cabin kit home exactly how he had pictured it. Providing shell assembly service by our crews was a huge bonus for the customer.

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Resort and hunting log cabin

Custom log home kit

Log Cabin Dream

Log cabin dream

One of the oldest segments of pre-fabricated housing is the log cabin kit manufacturer.  It has allowed thousands to live out their boyhood dream, such as retired Lutheran pastor Paul Smeltz, who, along with his son, rolled up his sleeves to assemble a 1,500 square foot vacation log cabin on the 42-acre family plot in south central Pennsylvania.  The 62 year old bought the precut home kit from Conestoga Log Cabins and Homes, whose factory was just a half-hour from Paul’s home in Lititz, PA.
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