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Chink or Caulk?

Keeping your log cabin home warm and insulated requires regular maintenance.  Your maintenance plan should include closing gaps in log courses.  The two methods that are primarily used to close gaps are chink and caulk. Caulk is typically used when the gap is ¾ of an inch and chink is used when the gaps are larger.  Both chink and caulk are designed to withstand the normal movement and settling of the cabin.
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Cumberland Log Cabin

Open Beam Roof System

Open Beam Roof System

Let us create the cabin that will suit your life style. Each of our cabins are using the Everlast Log, a stronger and more durable solution. Our logs will resist better to movement, shrinkage and decay.

Assembling your home kit is easy. Each of our logs are pre-cut at our facility and labeled with a unique code. We will deliver your kit to your site along with the instruction manual and engineered drawings. Visit our Log Cabins and find the cabin of your dream!

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