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The Nose Knows

The Nose Really Does Know

Nothing is more memorable than smell.  Consider that when picking flowers for your log cabin.  Flowers should be enjoyed for their intoxicating fragrances as well as their beauty.  Don’t rely on just one type of plant to provide fragrance. Choose a variety of plants that captivate your sense of smell wherever you go.  Situate around your outdoor seating areas and in window boxes so you can enjoy scents on the breeze while doing dishes or having a glass of wine on the deck with friends.  Put climbing vines on your pergolas, fences and trellises.   Research when they bloom so you can enjoy scents throughout the year.  Continue reading

Timber Ridge Model Concept

The Timber Ridge was developed from a conceptual drawing of a custom home that was centered around a customer’s needs.

The customer wanted this home to portray a 100 year old building with the main goal of having a space for weekend retreats that could double as a hunting cabin.  Energy efficiency was also an interest, so a 3″ insulation package was added to our log wall system.

Challenges faced during this project were the many design edits made to achieve the exact building that the customer wanted.  Decisions varied from one model to another.  With time and dedication from all parties and working with design and drafting, all challenges were overcome.

We were able to use design and drafting to create an exact design in partnership with the customer. The customer was able to design the 3 bedroom cabin kit home exactly how he had pictured it. Providing shell assembly service by our crews was a huge bonus for the customer.

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Resort and hunting log cabin

Custom log home kit

Top 5 Log Cabin Movies

Plenty of classic movies have been set in log cabins.  Don’t just think about horror movies with the scary serial killers like Jason from the Friday the 13th series or 2012’s Cabin in the Woods.  Below are the top 5 log cabin movies we found.  So curl up on the sofa with some popcorn and enjoy!


  1. On Golden Pond, 1981

This Oscar award winning movie stars Katharine Hepburn, Henry Fonda and Jane Fonda.  It’s a touching tale of building and restoring relationships set at the family’s lakeside vacation cabin.

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What is a Construction Loan?

Designing and building your dream log cabin home can be an exciting experience.  Don’t let concerns over financing the construction derail you.  There are options available if you don’t have cash upfront to cover building costs.

Many lenders offer construction loans to cover expenses during the log cabin building process.  These loans are usually available for single unit, detached properties that are primary residences or second homes.  The terms can be fixed rate or adjustable.  A schedule of draws is agreed on by the home owner, builder and lender.  Loan disbursements are made as work is completed on the log cabin.  During construction, the home owner makes interest only payments calculated based on the outstanding loan balance.

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What Is an Engineered Log?

Engineered Logs – The Best Choice for Your Log Cabin

Log cabins have been admired for their beauty and durability for centuriesWhat is Glulam. Building materials have evolved significantly since the first log cabins were built hundreds of years ago. Traditional logs are often being replaced with engineered logs. Engineered logs are also referred to as glulam or laminated logs. This is different than laminated flooring that just looks like wood. Engineered logs/laminated logs are real wood.

So What’s an Engineered Log?

Engineered logs begin their transformation in sawmills just like traditional lumber, where they are sawed and kiln-dried. Kiln drying reduces the wood’s moisture content making it more resistant to movement and decay. After kiln drying pieces of lumber are bonded together with pressure and resin. To be more specific, engineered logs are stress-rated wood beams composed of wood laminations, or “lams,” that are bonded together with durable, moisture-resistant adhesives. The end result provides extraordinary benefits without sacrificing the look of traditional logs.

Benefits of Engineered Logs

• Structurally stronger than traditional logs because they are resistant to warping, twisting and settling making them the more stable choice for log cabins
• Have a more uniform appearance than traditional lumber
• Resistant to decay because of low moisture contentGlulam Ceiling
• Avoid problems associated with traditional logs such as settling and shrinking as they dry out
• Approximately 50% stronger than traditional timber
• Offer versatility ranging from simple, straight beams to complex, curved products
• Pound for pound, stronger than steel and have greater strength and stiffness than comparably sized dimensional lumber.
• Lighter but stronger logs make them easier to work with which improves product performance
• Available in stock and custom sizes for adjustable widths, depths and lengths
• Longer lengths eliminate unsightly wall joints in log cabinsEverlast-Log-tight-fit-300x279
• Appropriate for residential and commercial applications

Conestoga Log Cabins & Homes uses Everlast™ engineered logs. More information.