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“After researching many different type of building options we decided we would go with Conestoga Log Homes. It had the most complete package out of any of the options we looked at. After the initial contact with Conestoga we knew we made the correct choice. Their design team allowed me to customize to fit our needs and make our dream home become a reality. I’m not a builder by trade, but with Conestoga team they enabled me to completely construct the house myself. We love living in our Conestoga home thàt will continue for many years to come. Thank you.”

- Brian & Angela, CO

“My family’s summer camp for children dates back to the early 1930’s. When it came time to renovate and build our future we turned to Conestoga Log Cabins and we couldn’t be happier! I could go on and on about the quality of the materials, detailed thinking that goes into each building and the superior customer service. You don’t need to look anywhere else for log cabin kits. These cabins are everything you could dream of. Conestoga’s log cabin kits are the gold standard in the industry. We did our homework and checked out several manufacturers. Whether it’s a hot, hot summer day or a cool fall evening, the cabins are tight and very comfortable. Their log cabin kits are built to last. Quality at every step of the relationship with Conestoga. Highly recommend.”

- Camp Emerson, MA

“OUR Log home from you all is thee best thing I have ever done in my life. We are enjoying it more and more each and every day. It is holding up really well and have not had to do any work to it at all. Please thank everyone involved in the manufacturing of it. You all are thee Best and Thank you again very very much. “

- Frank, Waynesboro PA

“Here are some photos of our awesome cabin! We love it and continue to be impressed by its quality and how sturdy and “tight” it is.

Many thanks for all your help with this process.”

- Jane & Herb, MD
Serenity Log Cabin Kit

It is almost exactly one year ago that we met you at the Conestoga plant.  We are substantially complete now!  We are absolutely happy with the quality of the kit and components and appreciate the professional and friendly service you and your team have afforded us during the purchase and assembly.

- Jack & Charlene, WA

Just a quick note to let you know that Jean and I are EXTREMELY pleased with our cabin and the work that Dean, his crew, Mark and his crew, and you did to make it happen.  It is very beautiful (and big)! Thank you very much!

- Pepper & Jean, Maine

“To be honest, we had looked at several options including a traditional stick built house, log cabins and even modular homes.  When we got our first look at the website, we immediately knew the cabin was a perfect match for what we wanted and how much we had available to spend. This ended up being the absolute best home we could build for the money that we spent.”

- Ellen McKee, ME

As always, our organization has partnered with another company with the same high standards to provide us with a product that meets or exceeds our expectations.

- Andy Casazza, CA
Coca Cola

With Conestoga [Log Cabins], we always know that we are going to get a quality, consistent product.  But where you excel is in your flexibility with your team in meeting changing design requirements, delivering timely design changes and quotes. Your schedulers, both for shipping and build crews, are excellent and I can count on your materials and people to be there when they were promised.

- Paul Gunderson, President of the Coca Cola Foundation
Ashland 028

Since then we’ve put up these cabins, we’ve been running five cabins, running about an average of 70 nights a month at $130 a night which is a great increase compared to what we were doing before. We’re looking forward to expanding again this year. We’re probably going to put on paint and new cabins and we’re looking forward to working with Conestoga again.

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- Dave Teasdale, Ashland City Campground

We can’t get enough of them so we keep building every year and we’re very pleased with Conestoga we wouldn’t buy anybody else.

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- Deck, Frontier Town
Yogi Bear

I’m John Rust owner of Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park in Luray, Virginia. I would like to share with you how Conestoga Cabins has helped us to become more successful in the campground industry. We have used Conestoga Cabins as rentals for over 18 years and are very satisfied.

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- John Rust, Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park

I started out with the family canoe business with some property on the Shenandoah River. Ten years ago I put in a 250 square foot kit cabins. They were an immense success. Through the years I’ve been very pleased with Conestoga Log Cabins.

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- Christian Goebel, Castaway Cabins
log home front porch view

We have been enjoying the cabin every weekend!   Lots of family and friends up to visit to see our beautiful log cabin vacation home.   The girls have learned how to ski and we are loving the view of the slopes.   Everyone involved, especially Conestoga, has made this a pleasant experience and we are looking forward to many great memories.

Thanks for building our dream home!

- Bill & Terry Cooper

We had an earthquake a couple of weeks ago and our Mountain King Cabin withstood the quake just fine.  I remembered back when your crew assembled the cabin and I asked that they secure the cabin on the foundation with anchor bolts since we are in earthquake country.  Well, we had a big shaker…..  We were inside the cabin at the time and the cabin felt nice and strong and there was no damage at all to the cabin.  Thank you for the great cabin!  We look forward every weekend to go to the cabin in the woods and just relax.

- Larry, California
Boulder Lodge Log cabin kit

Your commitment to customer service, unrushed personal consultations, excellent quality of materials and affordable pricing is exceptional. Every aspect of building our cabin has been a pleasure and definitely exceeded our expectations!

- Joanne Haley, MI
mary ann

I again want to tell you how very much I appreciate everyone’s help along the way. This was a very big deal for me, and we had such a good experience!

- Mary Ann, Virginia
Robert Cary

I’ve saved and scraped a long time, but Conestoga came out with a product that finally made my lifelong dream of owning a cabin a reality.

- Kent Mason, Colorado
Right Exterior

It’s like having my own miniature lodge to relax in…. a place where I can have a meal and enjoy friendships.

- Burt, W Virginia

The cabin is perfect for my father as an in-law quarters, he can be close to us, yet have his own special space.  Everyone who sees it comments on how cute the cabin is.  Conestoga was an excellent choice!

- Sallie, Pennsylvania

The reputation for craftsmanship and quality of Conestoga Cabins has spread wide across our area. So many people have watched our cabin going up. Perfect strangers on the river have stopped to comment on how beautiful the cabin is and asking for a tour!

- Joanne Haley, Michigan

The cabin has given us an awesome opportunity to spend time enjoying nature while getting away with my kids before they are off on their own.

- Scott, Pennsylvania