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Laminated Logs, The What and Why

What are laminated logs?

Laminated logs are pieces of kiln dried lumber that are stacked and glued together.  Continuous height pieces are placed on the outside to allow for logs up to 28 feet in length. Once glued, the logs are milled and cut to length like traditional lumber.  They produce a superior product without sacrificing natural beauty.

How are laminated logs different than traditional milled logs?

Although conventional milled logs have been around longer, laminated logs are becoming more

Laminated Logs - Everlast Log Tight Fit

popular.  Modern technology allows laminated logs to offer greater benefits than traditional logs.

Logs in their natural state are saturated with water.  As the water evaporates, the logs shrink.  The shrinkage causes checks and splits.  Laminated logs start off as these same logs but are kiln dried to reduce moisture thus eliminating shrinkage, checking and splitting.  The laminated log is dry from the inside out.  It is also lighter than a traditional log making it easier to work with.

Advantages of laminated logs

  • Logs will not shrink, check, twist or warp.
  • Structurally stronger than traditional timber for log cabin kits.
  • High surface quality – All knots and defects are eliminated from logs before they are glued allowing for blemish-free appearance.
  • Very workable when cutting and drilling.
  • Offers stability when exposed to moisture fluctuations.
  • Can be stained with consistent results.
  • Reduced moisture in laminated logs.
  • Can be milled to customer specifications
  • Maintain beauty of natural wood
  • Has excellent nailing characteristics
  • Possess very tight growth rings
  • Resistant to decay
  • Log walls are full length up to 28 feet which eliminates unsightly log joints and reduces the possibility of air and water filtration.
  • Extremely versatile