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Refinishing the Exterior of a Log Building

After a few years of natural weathering, it becomes necessary to revitalize your log building.  The surfaces of the logs have been dulled by the sun, rain and dirt.  Generally the process to revitalize your building is relatively straightforward and easy to accomplish.

The first thing to do is inspect the exterior for any issues that may have accumulated over the years.  Inspect the logs for rotting, mold and mildew.  When spotted early, these are easy fixes, and do not endanger the integrity of the structure.  Check anywhere that water might have penetrated deeper into the structure to ensure the building is still sound.

Check the doors and windows for any structural issues such as improper settling.  Settling is a natural process that occurs over time in all homes.  If the openings are not level, the jambs might have to be reworked.  The roof is another area that should be inspected.  Check the plumb line to make sure the upper sections are still in line with the lower sections.  Check the roof for any problem areas with settling.

After the exterior has been inspected, you can move on to cleaning it.  A good cleaning will remove all the discoloration, mold and mildew and give a better idea of the quality of the wood underneath the weathering.  Use a pressure washer and a good wood cleaner.  Avoid acidic products,  percarbonate cleaners work well.  The pressure washer should have about 1500 psi.  A higher pressure may damage the building.  A light sanding of the wood after a wash will remove any fuzz that may occur.

Once the wood is clean and dry (3-7 days after washing the wood) apply a water repellent stain.  A pigmented stain lasts longer than a clear stain.