Bob Vila, Home Improvement Expert, Recommends Conestoga Log Cabins

    Bob Vila, noted building and home improvement specialist and TV host for almost three decades, recommends Conestoga Log Cabin kits as a low cost kit for the 21st century. Vila discusses the low maintenance logs and range of floor plans available. Read the full story.

    There’s No Place Like the Cabin: Series Review

      Cabin Blog Series Review All the design highlights in one place. Every week over the past two months, we went on a journey through log homes together, searching for ways to transform your cabin house into a home. We reminisced on what each room represents, discovered how to beautifully dress functionality, and hosted nostalgia in [...]

      The Cabin Front Porch

        "There's No Place Like the Cabin" Your Cabin Front Porch - Just Like the Movies It was where Forrest Gump, “for no particular reason…decided to go for a little run” (Forrest Gump, 1994). Scout Finch learned here that “Atticus was right…you never really know a man until you stand in his shoes” (Harper Lee's To [...]

        The Cabin Backyard

          "There's No Place Like the Cabin" The Cabin Backyard - Your Outdoor Oasis What are log homes without the outdoors? Without nature painted like a canvas through every window asking us to enjoy all that it has to offer. When we travel to the cabin, we are traveling to an experience, one that would not [...]

          The Cabin Bathroom and Closet

            "There's No Place Like the Cabin" The Cabin Bathroom and Closet When you hear the word “log home” what rooms immediately come to mind? Before you mentally respond, I would like to offer a scenario that may challenge your perspective. After a long day, you park the car adjacent to your log home and when [...]

            Dreaming of a Cabin Bedroom

              "There's No Place Like the Cabin" The Cabin Bedroom The cabin bedroom can best be described as a sanctuary. With a closed door, the pause button is pressed on outside responsibilities and other time-consuming activities, and the play button is released on rest. It sees us off in the early mornings of our daily routines [...]

              Cabin Loft Living

                "There's No Place Like the Cabin" The Cabin Loft We’ve spent some time on the first floor of the cabin in the previous installments of this blog series. Now let’s head upstairs to a space where the design possibilities are endless. To a room that overlooks the great room and offers opportunities for something that [...]