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10 Interior Design Ideas for Your Log Home

Often log cabin interior design can be overwhelmed by the imposing look of wood everywhere.  With log walls, hardwood floors and log ceilings, the dominating visual aspect is wood.  Log cabin design can be more than timber and earthy colors.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that but there are other options.  Here a few tips for personalizing your log home to make it truly yours. 

  1. Use Color – Expand beyond earth tones. Log cabins frequently have too much brown.  Mix in white or yellow to lighten up a room.  Choose blue for a calming effect.  Red will raise the energy level.  Purple is considered luxurious.  Orange is energetic.  You can bring in color with accessories like pillows, blankets and art work.
  2. Lighting is so very important. Table lamps, floor lamps and lighting fixtures add finishing touches.  Recessed lighting and dimmers set the mood. More on lighting.
  3. Drywall in a cabin? Don’t be afraid to install some drywall on your interior walls.  Drywall can be painted to add some color to any room.  It can always be taken down later.
  4. Rugs are a great way to introduce texture and color.
  5. Kitchen seating – Consider a restaurant style booth that takes up less space than traditional log cabin interior design - log home ambient dining roomseating. A booth for eight is smaller than table and chairs for 6 and can include drawers for extra storage.
  6. Resist Clutter. As they say, “less is more.”  Too many accessories can detract from a beautiful space.  If you have lots to show off, rotate pieces throughout the year.
  7. Don’t forget the front porch. It’s the first thing friends and family see when they arrive.  Add comfy seating like Adirondack chairs or a swing to make your log home look inviting.  More on porches and decks.
  8. Door Handles easily display your personal style. Select knobs, pulls and hardware that appeal to you.
  9. Mix rustic and modern in the kitchen. You can keep the charm of a cozy log home and still have stainless steel, glass front cabinets and a backsplash with tile, glass or metallic elements.
  10. Lighter interior wood tones can be used as an alternative to the traditional dark wood usually associated with log cabins.