Log Cabin Roof Systems and Design

Price, durability and architecture are the primary considerations.  There are many options to choose from when it comes to deciding on log cabin roof systems.

Log Cabin roof Systems: Choosing the right one is an integral part in designing your log cabin.

Beams and Roof Style

There are three major roof styles  log cabins.

  1. An Open Beamed Roof system is a rustic design that often is favored for log cabin design.  The Roof beams are exposed plywood and insulation is added on top of the beams.
  2. The Liner Roof system is often used to sandwich the insulation between beams.  A series of boards are added beneath the beams to cover the beams.  It’s often used in less rustic situations.
  3. Plaster and accent beam system is often used in modern hybrid architectures with cathedral ceilings.  The beams are designed to accent the interior design, and the plaster is added between the beams for contrast.

Roof Pitch

The roof pitch is an important feature that shouldn’t be overlooked.   The steepness of the roof determines the ability for a cabin to have a loft area.  Steeper pitches are  beneficial to areas with large amounts of snow fall.  They allow snow to avoid a critical mass that might damage the roof.

Metal Roofs

Consider metal roofs if longevity is a concern. They last much longer than traditional roofs and can be designed to be aesthetically pleasing.  Traditional roof styles may have more charm than metal roofs but cost more to maintain over the life of the roof.

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