Loving Your Cabin Loft

A log cabin loft is great for extra sleeping quarters but they can be so much more!   These multipurpose spaces can be used for a myriad of things.   Here are some creative ways to make your log cabin loft work for you and your family. Tips for a Great Cabin Loft Playroom Kids can feel […]

February 2016 Newsletter

In this issue: 15 Tips for Building a Log Cabin Looking for Nationwide Assemblers Financing – What is a Construction Loan? Download Newsletter

10 Interior Design Ideas for Your Log Home

Often log cabin interior design can be overwhelmed by the imposing look of wood everywhere.  With log walls, hardwood floors and log ceilings, the dominating visual aspect is wood.  Log cabin design can be more than timber and earthy colors.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that but there are other options.  Here a few […]

15 Helpful Tips for Building a Log Cabin Kit

Building a log cabin kit shouldn’t be a headache.  Start off with a reputable log cabin kit manufacturer that offers detailed instructions, assembly videos and insightful customer support and you’ll be well prepared. Building a Log Cabin Kit Steps Below, we’ve also compiled a list of helpful hints that other log home owners have found […]

Log Cabin Pets

So you’ve finished the assembly of your log cabin kit and the family is anxious to start spending time in your new vacation cabin making memories.  Do you take the entire family or leave the pets at home?  Not all pets are suited for travel. What’s the best decision for your pet’s personality?  Before making […]

Log Home Insulation: Properly Insulating Your Log Home Kit

Even though logs can naturally store some heat, you may need to consider log home insulation.  Insulation might not be necessary for log homes in mild climates or those only used seasonally.  However, if your cabin is a year-round residence in a colder climate, we recommend insulation.  Insulating walls, floors and ceilings will contribute to […]

Log Cabin Renting: Is It An Option For You?

Log cabin renting: are you thinking about it?  Maybe you want to help pay off the mortgage sooner.  Maybe you just want extra money when your family isn’t using the cabin.  Regardless of your reasons, renting out your log cabin can help offset the costs of owning it. Most people decide to rent their property […]

Bob Vila, Home Improvement Expert, Recommends Conestoga Log Cabins

Bob Vila, noted building and home improvement specialist and TV host for almost three decades, recommends Conestoga Log Cabin kits as a low cost kit for the 21st century. Vila discusses the low maintenance logs and range of floor plans available. Read the full story.

A-Frame Design

All About A-Frame Design You can recognize an A-frame design log cabin by its triangular roof that resembles the letter “A.”  Even though they have been around for centuries, A-frames became increasingly prevalent in the mid-1950’s through the 1970’s.  Their popularity grew especially as vacation homes.  The numerous benefits of A-frame cabins explain why they […]

Hunting Log Cabin Kits

The Perfect Hunting Cabin – Hunting Log Cabin Kits Hunters take their lodging seriously; in many instances they take pride in building their hunting log cabin kits themselves. A Conestoga log cabin kit, with its straightforward installation, makes for a realistic building project for those with good general knowledge of construction. Various floor plans and […]