Camp & Resort Marketing Kit

A Personalized Promotional Marketing Kit Made For You!

Congratulations!  You are on your way to increasing your ROI and building your business for success in the future.

Conestoga can help with your marketing since we know cabins will be a hit with your guests, you just have to get the word out about your new log cabins. We have an in-house marketing staff that has years of experience marketing log cabins to both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Even more, we are the only log company that will help you create customized marketing material using your branding and personalized messaging.

Conestoga has been working with campgrounds, summer camps, and resorts since 1983. So, we understand your business and its seasons. Conestoga’s niche is providing cabin kits less than 1,100 SQF to rental businesses throughout the United States and beyond. Our streamlined manufacturing process allows us to do this in little time once an order is placed.

We have rental customers who increased their revenue from the moment they started renting their new Conestoga cabins, and because we know your business will see this growth as well we offer a co-marketing package to promote your new cabins once they are built and ready for guests. Each feature that you add to your cabin marketing will increase the rental rate that can be charged; multiply that by how many nights per year the cabins are rented and you are well on your way to increasing profits.

Each year thousands of families visit campgrounds and resorts, make your business more attractive by offering cabin accommodations; and when you chose Conestoga you can rest assured that we will support your business as you promote your new cabins. Below are some cabin marketing ideas that Conestoga can work on with you to promote your new cabins:

  1. Targeted email eblast
  2. Tri-fold informational brochure about your business
  3. Press release distributed about your new cabins
  4. Social media shares to our 6K+ followers
  5. Web landing page
  6. Direct mailer
  7. 30 day Google campaign with ad
  8. Blog post

Invest In Conestoga Cabins And Invest In The Future Of Your Business!

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