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Refinishing the Exterior of a Log Building

After a few years of natural weathering, it becomes necessary to revitalize your log building.  The surfaces of the logs have been dulled by the sun, rain and dirt.  Generally the process to revitalize your building is relatively straightforward and easy to accomplish.

The first thing to do is inspect the exterior for any issues that may have accumulated over the years.  Inspect the logs for rotting, mold and mildew.  When spotted early, these are easy fixes, and do not endanger the integrity of the structure.  Check anywhere that water might have penetrated deeper into the structure to ensure the building is still sound.

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Laminated Logs, The What and Why

What are laminated logs?

Everlast Log Tight FitLaminated logs are pieces of kiln dried lumber that are stacked and glued together.  Continuous height pieces are placed on the outside to allow for logs up to 28 feet in length. Once glued, the logs are milled and cut to length like traditional lumber.  They produce a superior product without sacrificing natural beauty.

How are laminated logs different than traditional milled logs?

Although conventional milled logs have been around longer, laminated logs are becoming more popular.  Modern technology allows laminated logs to offer greater benefits than traditional logs.

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Cumberland Log Cabin

Open Beam Roof System

Open Beam Roof System

Let us create the cabin that will suit your life style. Each of our cabins are using the Everlast Log, a stronger and more durable solution. Our logs will resist better to movement, shrinkage and decay.

Assembling your home kit is easy. Each of our logs are pre-cut at our facility and labeled with a unique code. We will deliver your kit to your site along with the instruction manual and engineered drawings. Visit our Log Cabins and find the cabin of your dream!

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