Log Cabin Hardscaping

Log cabin hardscaping is essential to creating attractive outdoor living spaces and curb appeal. The hardscaping plan should work in concert with the landscaping design.  While landscaping covers all of the living parts of the yard, hardscaping includes all of the man-made elements such as walkways, seating, lighting, structures, fences and decorative elements.  Here are […]

Log Cabin Energy Code Compliance

State and local governments have had building codes in place for hundreds of years. These codes protect public health, safety, and general welfare.  A more recent addition to building codes are energy codes which can cover walls, floors, ceiling insulation, windows, air leakage and duct leakage.  The standards for energy code compliance vary from state […]

Pests at the Cabin, Repel Them Naturally

Spring is here…and so are pests at the cabin!  With the warm weather comes the revival of unwanted pests at the log cabin.  So how do you avoid being a meal without using chemicals?     Here are a few tips for protecting people, pets and the garden without pesticides. Pests at the Cabin…How to Repel them […]

Log Cabin Lighting

Log cabin lovers appreciate the warmth of log walls. Unfortunately charming log walls can also lead to very dark rooms. Log cabin lighting doesn’t have to be challenging. Unless you want to whitewash your logs to brighten up rooms, the keys are to plan ahead and to use layers of light. Plan Log Cabin Lighting […]

Log Cabin Sustainability

Energy efficiency and log cabin sustainability work together to save the environment as well as money.  Here a just a few solutions for keeping your log cabin green. Also, don’t forget to check out our log cabin sustainability infographic at the bottom of the post! Log Cabin Sustainability Starts With the Logs If you’re considering […]

Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Did you wait until the last minute and need to throw a Valentine’s Day gift together quickly? Are you tired of heart shaped cookies, chocolates and flowers? Here are ten quick Valentine’s Day gift ideas that can be made from objects you have around the house. DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 1. Everything is better […]

“Deck Out” Your Log Cabin Deck

Your log cabin deck is made for relaxing, socializing end enjoying the great outdoors.  By adding a deck, you extend your living space, while increasing the value of your log cabin.  But before you rush off to the local hardware store to buy supplies, consider a few important factors. First, check with local zoning authorities to […]

The Environment, Bethlehem Steel and Babe Ruth: Conestoga Log Cabin’s Connection

In addition to a green manufacturing process, Conestoga Log Cabins & Homes shows its commitment to the environment in their selection of a manufacturing facility.  Conestoga took dilapidated buildings and transformed them into its current state of the art manufacturing plant. Conestoga Log Cabins’ current Lebanon, PA buildings date back to 1882 when they were […]

Furniture and Small Space Ideas for Log Cabins

Small space ideas for tiny spaces, we’ll try to provide some solutions. Small log cabins can present design challenges when it’s time to furnish them.  One of the first things to think about is scale.  When making furniture selections, keep that in mind that over-sized furniture in small spaces leaves the room feeling tight and […]

Fall Fright: 10 Haunted Cabins

What’s scarier than a haunted house? Of course it’s a haunted log cabin in the woods!  If you’re into ghosts, apparitions and the paranormal, you’ll want to check out these Haunted cabins. Haunted Cabins and Ghost Stories White Otter Castle The three story log cabin was single-handedly built over many years by eccentric Jimmy McOuat.  It […]