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Conestoga offers all sizes and varieties of log cabin kits. Whether you are looking for a primary residence, vacation home, hunting cabin or rental cabins for your camp or resort. Conestoga has a design for you!

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Conestoga Log Cabin Kits Real Uniqueness Is the Logs

What sets Conestoga Log Cabins apart from all other log cabin kits is our engineered logs. Our patented Everlast™ logs are Glu-Laminated and kiln dried which makes them more resistant to settling, twisting and warping than any other log engineering process.

Our engineered Everlast™ logs are unique in that they are manufactured up to 28 feet in length. This eliminates unsightly log joints and knots as well as reduces the possibility of water and air infiltrating into the cabin. We call the Everlast™ logs a triple-laminated powerhouse of structural stability, durability and strength that delivers character, warmth and visual appeal. Everlast™ logs have all the beauty of old-fashioned, natural wood and all the advantages of modern technology.

Take a closer look at Everlast™ logs. You’ll see they’re uniquely precision-notched for an exact fit at interlocking connections. This adds to the building’s structural stability and presents a weather-tight performance to the walls.

Everlast™ logs are available in two profiles for building the exterior walls: single and double or D-logs and H-logs. A single wall is suitable for cabins set in warmer climate conditions or where the cabin is seasonally used. A double wall profile allows rigid insulation to be placed on the exterior face and then covered with lap siding. The extra thermal mass of our double wall buildings provides greater insulation and energy efficiency for log cabin kits destined for colder climates.

Everlast™ logs designed for single wall cabins have a “D” profile where the inner face is milled flat for a smooth finish. The outer face is milled in a rounded profile that gives the exact appearance of natural round logs. Our H-logs are flat on both faces. This allows the H-logs to be sheathed in rigid insulation on the exterior and then strapped to accept vertical or horizontal lap siding.

Uniqueness is truly the secret to why Conestoga Log Cabins are so popular, and it’s all in the Everlast™ logs. Everlast™ logs:

  • Are much more stable and stronger than those other kit cabins supply.
  • Are resistant to decay because they’re kiln-dried to stay below 19% moisture content where fungi thrive.

log cabin kits are kiln dried

  • Provide resistance to warping, twisting, settling and checking.
  • Are available in two profiles for different exterior applications.
  • Resist shrinking and moving, which lets air in and out.
  • Are available in lengths up to 28 feet long, which is the longest engineered log in the industry.
  • Are precision cut for perfect joints at intersecting and interlocking points.
  • Provide the best thermal resistance available in an engineered log cabin kit home.

See how Everlast™ logs are manufactured. Discover why they’re the powerhouse in structural integrity and why Conestoga Log Cabins are set apart from all other log cabin kits. It’s the wall stability and the thermal integrity.

Conestoga Log Cabin Kits Are Unique in Thermal Resistance

What’s behind the walls of Conestoga Log Cabin kits that gives that wonderful feeling of warmth, security and a woodsy natural environment? It’s not just the woodstove or the crackling fireplace that keeps out the winter’s cold drafts and the icy wind. It’s what’s called “thermal” mass that uniquely engineered Everlast™ logs provide.

Thermal mass is the building science concept that describes how well a wall assembly can provide inertia or resistance against fluctuations in temperature. This insulation rating is expressed in an “R-value” which means the “Resistance” to thermal exchange or the transfer of heat from one side of a wall to the other. By nature, solid wood has a good thermal mass rating and is a moderate insulation material on its own without extra cladding.

Conestoga Log Cabins provide two different insulation packages that meet every energy code regardless of whether the setting is in Pennsylvania or Alaska. Both packages take advantage of two key concepts in the Everlast™ log design. The thick, thermal mass of the log resists against passive heat transfer, and the airtight joinery of the Everlast™ logs gives draft-free protection against leaky air exchange.

Everlast™ logs that are designed with the D-profile are used in moderate climates where the thicker insulation package is unnecessary. H-profile Everlast™ logs provide the higher R-value required for colder locations. However, both Everlast™ log profiles are equally air-tight when it comes to heat loss or gain.

Conestoga Log Cabin kits using Everlast™ log construction are also excellent structures for warmer climates where cooled, air-conditioned temperatures aren’t allowed to escape to the great outdoors. See our section on how Everlast™ logs provide greater thermal protection and insulation value than other log cabin kits. Energy efficiency is one more reason why Conestoga Log Cabin kits are unique.

Conestoga Log Cabins Provides More than Log Cabin kits – we provide memories

In the over three decades and 3,000 log home kits that Conestoga has built in all fifty states, each individual structure provided memories to those who’d rented a vacation cabin, slept in a Conestoga bunkhouse, shopped in a log cabin store or had to visit a Conestoga log cabin kit bathhouse. Those memories of a one-time visit became long-term realities for hundreds of visitors who went on to purchase their own Conestoga Log Cabin kit home.

We offer a wide variety of Conestoga log cabin kits to meet your budget and design requirements. These range for smaller recreational cabins under 1,100 square feet up to elaborate custom homes over 2,500 square feet. Check out what’s available in these two different ranges.

log cabin kits different sizes

Log Cabin Kits Under 1,100 SQF

If you’re looking for a small family getaway place or a tight hunting cabin, Conestoga Log Cabin kits are the answer for creating those long-lasting and wonderful memories.

We provide you with a catalog selection of stock floor layouts and exterior facades, or you can work with our interactive webpage to build a concept for our design team to put into a reality. We have plans for vacation homes, rental cabins, hunting retreats and do-it-yourself log cabin kits.

Our most popular Conestoga Log Cabin model is the Mountain Haven. At 22 feet by 38 feet, this compact and affordable layout gives you two bedrooms, two baths and a large loft. It’s finished off with an inviting porch. The Mountain Haven, like all Conestoga Log Cabin kit homes, is fully customizable according to your needs and vision.

Log Cabin Kits Over 1,100 SQF

If you’re looking for more space, tour through our line of larger log cabin kits. These are customizable, too, and hold up to four bedrooms with every amenity that a full custom home has to offer.

Like traditionally built homes, Conestoga Log Cabins and Log Homes have endless options. We can build kits with cathedral ceilings, great rooms, huge decks and porches, including real stone fireplaces with soaring chimneys and even baths with step-up soaker tubs and walk-in double showers.

Custom features don’t end there.  We can add on garages and laundry rooms, floor-to-ceiling windows and master suites suited for royalty.

The Alpine Ridge is Conestoga’s favorite larger log home. It’s still compact at 1,498 square feet but has an open plan with high ceilings that make it seem twice the size. Alpine Ridge has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, featuring a loft and a prow great room design making it perfect for panoramic views.

Page through our designs of log homes with kits over 1,100 square feet. You’ll find plenty to choose from or to spark your imagination toward building your unique, custom log home. Regardless of choice, you’re guaranteed to get a superior product when you choose Conestoga.

Design Your Own Conestoga Log Cabin

We know that everyone has their own tastes, needs and opinions about what makes the proper design. That includes our small recreational log cabin kits, our larger custom log home kits and even a bathhouse, bunkhouse or store kit.

We’re here to help you with a fully customized design service, but we encourage you to first do some planning on your own. Browse through our catalog and view the photos of existing Conestoga Log Cabins. See what’s already been built and decide which model suits best. If you find something close that you’d like to tweak or even if you want to start from scratch, visit our interactive feature and start sketching your dream.

It’s easy as 1-2-3

  1. Click on the link and open the program.
  2. Select an existing floor plan or choose to create your own.
  3. Drag the features from the menu and drop them onto your new plan.

Do it yourself Assembly

All Conestoga Log Cabin kits are incredibly straightforward to assemble. Each of our Everlast™ logs is pre-cut at the factory and issued a unique bar code. This corresponds to engineered drawings that lay out the log’s place in the structure. Detailed instruction manuals accompany each kit and our service assistance is just a phone call away.

log cabin kits straight forward assembly

If you’re not the DIY type, Conestoga has an experienced team to come out and assemble log cabin kits. We also have dedicated assemblers located throughout the continental United States trained to quickly and affordably erect log cabin kits.

Your Next Step

Conestoga Log Cabins are unique. From our patented Everlast™ logs that don’t warp, twist or check to our airtight thermal protection, Conestoga is the most popular choice for log cabin kits in America. We’re unique in design, unique in materials and truly unique in value.

Contact us today to start selecting and building your Conestoga Log Cabin today. We’ll work with you to start making memories.