Aspen Log Cabin

2 Bed - No Bath - 195 SQF - 13' x 15'

2 Bed
– Bath
195 SQF
13’x 15′

Call for pricing.

Floorplan Layout

log cabin kits floor plan - aspen
log cabin kit floorplan-aspen

Do you need a cozy, no-frills cottage kit to stay in while you are bird watching?  The Aspen cottage kit will be perfect for you.  It has all the charm of a small cabin with the convenience and privacy of two rooms. This space-saving rustic cabin still provides plenty of room to sleep six. It includes two built-in bunk beds with lots of open floor space between as well as a double bed in main room. 

Even though the Aspen log cabin is basic, it can be heated and cooled so you can continue your observations throughout the year.  The growing popularity of Aspen cabin kits Ohio and numerous other states is no surprise.

A Birder’s Log Cabin

After you’ve spotted plovers, finches and owls you can return to the sturdy, low maintenance Aspen Log Cabin.  Plant some dogwood trees near your log cabin to attract hummingbirds and cardinals.  Do you want to see more goldfinches?  Plant some purple coneflowers around your log cabin to draw them in.  Place feeders, bird baths and bird houses outside of the Aspen and you don’t even need to leave your log cabin covered front porch to enjoy looking at the birds.

So whether you are a new birder or have enjoyed bird watching for years, the Aspen cottage kit may be the perfect place for you when you are exploring.  Conestoga offers many other small log cabins such as the Getaway Log Cabin which has the same dimensions as the Aspen but features a full bathroom and one open room.  If you need something with just a little more space, consider the 232 square foot Shenandoah Log Cabin.  The Aspen, like all Conestoga log cabins, is completely customizable to meet your specifications.  Contact us and we will be happy to help you craft the log cabin that is just right for you.


  • Private bedroom
  • Covered porch
  • Room to sleep 6
  • Open floor space

3D Virtual Tour

All pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Some pictured cabins may have been modified from the original floorplan layout or material list.

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