Fox 43 Made in PA

In this week’s Made in PA a Lebanon County Company taking wood working into a whole new level. Conestoga cabins and homes building log buildings around the world. Yeah Fox 43, Michael Gorsinger takes a look inside the country’s largest log cabin manufacturer. For the people of Conestoga log cabins and homes, the process is all about turning lumbar into luxury.
We can build anything from an outhouse up to custom homes. Since 1983, this Lebanon based company has been turning out log building starting with simple cabins and extending to custom homes. The product is state of the art but the process begins well before the wood.  The concept for the building gets into the software.

Conestoga using a computer program to design the home virtually, well that isn’t anything new in the building world but next step sets them apart. Those virtual plans get sent directly to into this 190 foot custom computerized line. The equipment built specifically for Conestoga has seven different stations, that mound, cut and notch the perfect log building.

The notches will be produced down to a sixteenth of an inch error which in the log go very close tolerance. >> That close tolerance producing a tightly built custom home in only five to six hours. Along with this speed, Conestoga guarantees the craftsmanship no longer does human error play a role.

People that have the cabins, their comments will be some of the best experiences that we’ve had in our lifetime is at a cabin. And maybe that’s why they want to build one in the first place.  Production starts here. We’re talking these huge stacks of lumber. Two thirds of a mile’s worth of wood just to make one house, and then it becomes this.

The mountain king of log cabin, 1100 square feet two bedrooms of utter beauty, it’s all about making your dreams become a reality. Take this raw lumber and then you see and hear the comments from the end user. Its good for us to see-  Good to see the end product. But just as important for national sales manager, John Brown, the memories that will be made as clients enjoy their work.

We’re very proud of what we do and the fact that we can do it quickly and efficiently and get you what you want and you don’t have to spend a ton of money to be able to get this fantastic custom home. Conestoga says they specialize in homes around 2,000 square feet and under prices start at $9,000..