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Local TV Station Does Spot on Conestoga Log Cabins & Homes

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Inside a warehouse on the grounds of the old Bethlehem steel plant helpers are building, a log cabin. It’s a really a dreamy type of product. Conestoga Log Cabins and Homes got started making dreams come true 20 years ago.  We’re doing cabins typically for the campground industry and it’s grown into individual cabins like this.

Conestoga now ships them all over the world.  We’re probably the biggest log cabin manufacturer and have more log cabins delivered every year than any other company.  The company’s reputation is such that customers would buy the kits without even seeing the finished product.

When its model is completed, they can get a first hand look at one.  This is a model that we put up. We’ve had a lot of demand from our owners to want to be able to see products and come and take a plant tour.  When Bethlehem Steel left, this place was vacant, but businesses such as Conestoga Log Cabins have moved in and revitalized the area.

There are some businesses that have found this to be advantageous for what they are doing. They need the space so we’ve moved in and this building was sitting vacant with nothing. It was all trash in here basically. So we cleaned it up.  Visitors like the fact that the building that once housed the bustling steel manufacturer aren’t sitting idle.

We’ve had people come in here that used to work for Bethlehem Steel and give us tours of what was happening in here and what used to be used for. Soon they will see the work of a growing business that now calls the old plant home. In Lebanon, Barbra Garr/g, News.