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Log Cabins

A variety of Conestoga log cabins structures are under 2500 sq. feet to help you meet your design requirements and budget all at the same time.  These small log buildings range from 169 square feet up to 1,080 square feet and can satisfy as vacation cabins or permanent log cabin homes.

All Conestoga log cabin buildings, regardless of size, include a covered front porch, all log walls, floor systems, roof, doors, and windows.  Conestoga offers the most inclusive log cabin kit package in the industry.  Of course options are also available.

Log Cabins Under 500 Square Feet

Conestoga has large log homes, as well as small log cabins. Depending on your needs, Conestoga can guide you toward the perfect choice.  We offer a variety of floorplans that can be customized.  Conestoga also offers a line of commercial cabin kits for day camps, such as bunkhouses.   Small log cabins can be as tiny as 169 square feet like the Pioneer model.  They are perfect as basic hunting cabins or fishing cabins for outdoorsmen or who just require a low maintenance place to sleep and stay dry.  Even the smallest of our log cabin packages sleeps four people.

Some customers choose to keep it basic but require more than just a sturdy log cabin with a roof over their heads.  Conestoga Cabins offers many more log cabin kits and models, with something to please everyone.  If you still want a simple log cabin but desire indoor plumbing, check out the Getaway or the Durango.

Incredibly, the Boulder Lodge packs in a bathroom and kitchenette at under 300 square feet.

The Outdoorsman log cabin has been a Conestoga best seller for years.  This cabin kit efficiently uses 424 square feet to include a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen area, loft and living space big enough for a sofa, table, and chairs.

Log Cabins Over 500 Square Feet

Maybe you need more space for the kids and grandkids than a basic log cabin. Maybe it’s just time to downsize from your current home.  A small log cabin kit is the perfect solution.

If you are looking for a log cabin kit for sale that’s not too small and won’t break the bank, consider the Vacationer.  Never has 727 square feet felt so roomy.  With two bedrooms, one bathroom, living area, kitchen area and loft, there is a lot to like about this log cabin.

A Conestoga favorite is the Mountain Haven.  We like this cabin so much that we assembled one in our warehouse and use it for open houses.  The Mountain Haven log cabin kit includes 2 bedrooms, one full bathroom, spacious loft and great room with living, dining and kitchen areas.  See for yourself why the Mountain Haven is considered a log cabin classic.

Many more log cabin plans are available at Conestoga Log Cabins & Homes. Download our Log Cabins:  Escape to Cabin Living catalog to see all Conestoga has to offer.  If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, contact us and we will gladly customize any plan and assist you in making your log cabin dream a reality.

If this still isn’t enough room for you, check out our larger living spaces for your perfect family retreat.

Durango Log cabin kit

Durango Log Cabin

The name Durango conjures up images of rugged cowboys on horseback riding the Wild West.  Conestoga’s Durango log cabin kit was crafted with that very same spirit in mind.  Like the cowboys of old, Durango hunting cabin kits are tough, sturdy and built to last. Durango Hunting Cabin Kits Although the Durango is no-frills, it […]
shenandoah log cabin

Shenandoah Log Cabin

The Shenandoah Log Cabin was named after the beautiful and historic Shenandoah Valley which is known for the River, caverns and surrounding mountains.  Conestoga hoped to invoke the same spirit of beauty that stands the test of time with the Shenandoah cabin building kits. Picture the Shenandoah Residential Log Cabin Kit situated near your favorite […]
Conestoga Aspen log cabin

Aspen Log Cabin

Do you need a cozy, no-frills log cabin to stay in while you are bird watching?  The Aspen Log Cabin will be perfect for you.  It has all the charm of a small cabin with the convenience and privacy of two rooms. This space-saving rustic cabin still provides plenty of room to sleep six. It […]
Conestoga Pioneer log cabin kit

Pioneer Log Cabin

In the spirit of the pioneer tradition, Conestoga’s Pioneer one room cabin kits provide tough and rugged shelter. It is intended for minimalists who can forgo modern comforts such as a kitchen and a bathroom.  At 13 feet by 13 feet, this one room cabin offers sleeping accommodations for up to four people.  You’ll find […]