Log Cabin Kit FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Conestoga's Log Cabin Kits

What kind of wood is used for the walls of my log cabin or log house kits?

Log cabin walls are made of glue-laminated logs which prove to be the ideal process due to their excellent durability. To learn more about our Everlast glue-laminated logs please watch this video.

What kind of wood is used for the floors of my log cabin or log house kit?

The floor of cabins and log home kits needs to be tough and attractive. For this reason we use the #1 Dense Southern Yellow Pine (SYP). This wood holds up amazingly well, reducing wear and tear while maintaining it’s beauty for decades.

How are the log cabin and log home kits shipped?

The log cabins are typically shipped on a flatbed tractor trailer. This provides the best method for unloading as well as the least expensive means to ship the product, allowing us to keep our cost down, which permits us to save you money!

Can my log cabin be moved after assembly?

Yes! Some of the smaller cabins can be moved, however we do not suggest moving any cabin larger than our 13’x13’ model.

Do I need a building permit to construct my log cabin kit?

Not in all locations—state and local laws vary. It is advisable to check with your local officials regarding the required regulations in your area.

Will Conestoga Log Cabins & Homes build my log cabin or log home kit for me?

We’ve made our kits extremely easy to assemble, however, if needed, we do offer an additional assembly service. This service only includes assembly and does not involve any of the typical duties of a General Contractor (electrical, plumbing, etc.) If you require assembly or feel you would like to incorporate our services as a General Contractor, please contact us for a quote.

What is the difference between "log cabin kits" and "log home kits"?

That’s an excellent question that doesn’t have an exact answer. Traditionally, we have considered any kit under 1,100 square feet to be a log cabin, all log kits over this we like to describe as a log house.

What is the average cost per square foot for both cabins and homes.

For cabins under 800 SQF, the kit price would be around $60/SQF.  A larger home would be around $80/SQF.  A rough estimate for a turnkey cabin would be double the kit price.  This includes excavation, foundation, utilities, and more so that the log home is ready to move in. The price would be more for longer driveways, cabins built on a hill, upgrades, etc.  More information can be found here.

Do your logs come from renewable forest practices?

Yes, all our logs come from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified vendors.  The engineered logs originate from trees from planted forests and have a much smaller footprint than any other log systems.

How long does it take to assemble?

The size of the building and the number of people assembling has a significant impact.  Cabins under 800 SQF with a crew of three people should take  about three weeks to assemble a basic cabin.  Additional time should be added for foundation, running utilities, obtaining construction permits and staining.

Larger log homes with full insulation and finishing, the timeframe would be a few months.  We have a crew that can assemble the kit worldwide and would work with your local general contractor.

We also have in-house technical support for those who self- build.  Assembly instruction videos can be found here.

How often is it recommended to re-caulk the logs?

Because of our engineered logs, there is no need to re-caulk between the logs.  Caulk is used where the logs cross, such as the corners of the cabin.  It is recommended to re-stain every five years, which is when the caulk should be inspected and re-caulked as needed.

What are the different grades of insulation used?

We use both fiberglass and Polyiso board.  The fiberglass can be R-19 to R-38 and is typically used in floors and ceilings.  If wall insulation is needed , one or two layers of Polyiso board is installed.

Our typical four season log home has one layer of wall insulation equal to R-16.  We have log homes in Alaska and many other cold climates and can always meet the local energy code requirements.

What is the average time for delivery from the time of a purchase order?

While this can vary based on the size of the cabin, time of year ordered, and customization, the time from signoff of building plans to shipping is about 60 days.  The time from order placed to signoff of building plans can be days for a standard cabin to months for larger complex homes that require numerous customer requested revisions.

Is there a choice of roofs, and if so what are the different types?

We use both shingles and metal in all colors.  Our metal roof has a 45 year warranty and shingles have 25-35 year warranty.

What type of foundation is recommended?

Our log buildings have been built on many different types of foundations.  Typical foundations are slabs, crawl spaces, piers or full basements.

What is the warranty on the material used?

The entire cabin has a one year warranty.  Specific materials have longer warranties, such as the roof for 25-45 years and windows for 20 years.  The logs are warrantied against splitting for life.

Is there a warranty on the assembly and construction?

A typical construction warranty of one year on the entire cabin is provided.  Technical support is also provided free of charge.

Is there a strong sound barrier from the outside?

Wood naturally absorbs sound, which is why it is used along highways for sound barrier walls.  All log cabins provide significantly better sound protection than traditional building systems.  Because of less movement and the tight seal of our Everlast logs, our cabins are an excellent sound barrier.

Does extreme humidity or cold affect the logs or the caulking?

We have cabins in tropical climates and the cold region of Alaska as well as in all 50 states and 7 countries. Wood grows naturally in all climates.  We can also meet any snow load or wind load building requirements.

One of our customers told us “the town and neighboring communities where our cabin was located was declared a National Disaster Area from Hurricane Irene.  Our cabin suffered NO damage and is a solid Conestoga log cabin.

Does Conestoga offer financing?

At this time Conestoga does not offer cabin financing.  We do have many contacts who have previously offered financing to cabin buyers that we can put you in touch with.

Does Conestoga have a crew that can complete the turn key assemble?

Conestoga has a crew of general carpenters that can assemble the log cabin kit.  A separate general contractor would still need to be hired to complete any site work, foundation, etc.  Usually it is beneficial to use a local general contractor to complete the entire build based on lodging expenses for Conestoga’s crew, however our crew is available if needed.  Conestoga also offers free technical phone support and has worked with over 50 builders nationwide.

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