Log Cabin Features

Conestoga Log Cabin Features

Experience the warmth, beauty and coziness of a log cabin brimming with quality Conestoga log cabin features.

Not only are our log cabin kits a wise investment but they are a place where your family can create a lifetime of memories.  The affordability of our log cabin kits enables you to select features and options that work for your family as well as your budget.

Glu-Laminated Logs: The Perfect Choice For Log Homes & Cabins

Obviously you’re looking for the best log home kit available. Well look no further! Conestoga Log Cabins & Homes offers H-Logs and, for an additional cost, D-Logs. Both are our Everlast™ logs, the most reliable in the industry!

Everlast™ Logs

You simply can’t make a better choice than Everlast™! They are…

  • …stronger and more stable for log cabins
  • …resistant to warping, twisting and settling because it is a more structurally stable log home solution.
  • …unyielding to movement, shrinkage and checking because it is kiln-dried to 15% or below moisture content.
  • …resistant to decay because it is kiln-dried below the 19% fungi threshold.
  • …full length up to 28′ in length, eliminating unsightly log joints while reducing the possibility of air and water infiltration.

Log Wall Options

We offer two different types of log walls, giving you the option to choose which is right for your specific business.

Single Wall Option: Utilizing our Everlast™ logs, this option is perfectly suited for cabins that are in moderate climates or are for seasonal use.

Single Wall Siding Package: We recommend this for year round use, specifically in cold weather environments, as an extra layer of insulation. Conestoga adds interior log siding to the wall, making it able to meet and exceed the most stringent energy code requirements.

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