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Huron multi-purpose log cabin building front

Huron Commercial Multi-Purpose Log Cabin Kit

The Huron model is one of Conestoga’s newest campground cabin kits.  This 40 foot  by 75 foot log cabin building can used as a commissary, meeting place, educational center or conference center just to name a few options.  As a multi-purpose center, the Huron appeals to campgrounds, resorts and just about any business that needs […]
commercial log building

Cropper Island Commercial Log Cabin

Looking for a commercial building space that delivers the ultimate in versatile value? The Cropper Island building is shot through with it!  Commercial log buildings add value to any campground, RV park or camping resort.  Whether you offer log cabins, camping sites or RV sites, a multipurpose log building will be a welcome addition.  Conestoga’s […]
log building
The Grand Berkshire Bathhouse truly is grand at almost 1300 square feet! It is the perfect complement to the campground that accommodates large groups of people.  With 18 shower stalls, 6 sinks and 6 toilets, your campers will never have to wait in line.  Each shower stall even includes a dressing area.  A large utility […]
log home with sun porch

Riverview Log Home

Riverview prefab log home kits are ideal for those who want practical living space on one convenient level.  The floorplan was designed with flow in mind.  You and your family will be able to easily move about this well thought out log cabin. Single Story Living in the Riverview Log Cabin Home At 44 feet […]
vacation log cabin

Meadowbrook Log Home Kit

Originally designed for a resort property customer, the Meadowbrook log home kit can meet the needs of commercial clients as well as residential home owners.  These single floor cabin house kits are appealing to both because of their well thought out floor plan that focuses on functionality. Step Inside the Meadowbrook Log Cabin Home The […]
pier cabin foundation
Just because the Explorer Bunkhouse Log Cabin offers barracks-style lodging, it doesn’t mean it sacrifices on style and comfort.  These bunkhouse designs offer vaulted ceilings and an incredible 980 square feet of space give campers space to spread out. Explorer Bunkhouse Log Cabin is Perfect for Scouts and Summer Campers! The Explorer bunkhouse kit has […]
If your campers would appreciate private bathroom facilities, consider the Twin Grove Bathhouse.  At 20 feet by 42 feet, this attractive prefab log cabin kit bath house features eight separate rooms.  Six private bathrooms are spacious and identical with shower stall, toilet and sink.  They could easily be used as family restrooms.  All you have […]
log cabin camp
Are you considering bunkhouse building plans for your campground? With the Moose Lodge Bunkhouse, your visitors can still feel like they are roughing it while enjoying the surroundings of an attractive log cabin. Groups Will Love the Moose Lodge Bunkhouse Like ranch hands of old, campers can gather in the bunkhouse for fellowship and camaraderie.  […]
ADA ramp perspective on Yukon model by Conestoga

Yukon ADA Commercial Log Cabin Kit

Camping is an experience that everyone should be able to enjoy. That’s why Conestoga Log Cabins offers small prefab log cabins that welcome all of your guests. Our ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant cabin kits offer accessibility as well as the beauty and charm that Conestoga is known for creating. The two bedroom, one […]