Whether your log cabin kit was built as a vacation spot or a year round residence, you need a hobby while there to lead a balanced life.  Hobbies are stress reducers, provide entertainment and offer opportunities to spend time with family and friends.  Here are some inexpensive log cabin hobbies for people of all ages.

Our Favorite Log Cabin Hobbies

Geocaching log cabin hobbies - geocache

Think of geocaching as a modern day treasure hunt.  All you need is a global positioning system (GPS) unit or your smartphone.  Cache (treasure) locations all over the world can be found in a number of ways including by zip code, county, or longitude/latitude coordinates.  Geocaching rules are simple, take something leave something.  Sometimes there is also a log book to sign.


log cabin hobbies - WhittlingWhittling

This inexpensive hobby only requires some wood and a knife.  You probably already have a pocket knife and you just have to step outside to find a branch.  Start with soft wood without knots.  You can whittle away on the front porch of your log cabin or sitting around the camp fire.


Entomology is the study of insects. Maybe you’ll spot a dragonfly, the fastest flying insect clocking in at speeds of 35 miles an hour, or get close enough to see the hair on a honeybee’s eyeball.  The really adventurous can collect bugs for dinner and try Orthopteran Orzo .  In case you’re wondering “Orthopteran” refers to crickets.


Beginners to archery may want to start with target archery.  You can set up targets around your log cabin to practice.  Once you’re comfortable and have developed a level of proficiency, you can advance to bow hunting or bow fishing.  Inexpensive starter sets are available for children.

Star Gazing

Your naked eye is all the equipment you need.  All you have to do is look up.  You can find free star maps online so you can easily advance from spotting the Big Dipper to planets.  There’s a whole universe out there.  Start exploring it!

Photographylog cabin hobbies - Photography

There is no need to buy an expensive camera.  Just pull the cell phone out of your back pocket.  Start with a clean lens.  Remember the rule of thirds which involves mentally dividing up your image using 2 horizontal lines and 2 vertical lines. You then position the important elements in your scene along those lines, or at the points where they meet.  This creates an off center subject which makes for a more interesting shot.


Collecting rocks and minerals can be fun as well as educational.  With practice you’ll be able to identify specimens based on color, luster, streak and hardness.  You can get started with items you already have around your log cabin:  hammer; screwdriver to use as a pick; safety goggles; and baggies to use for collection.

log cabin hobbies - Blue JayBird Watching

There are over 10,000 species of birds on the planet.  How many can you spot outside your log cabin?  Find out what birds are native to your area and let the searching begin!  Free guides are available online as well as apps for your phone.


The first step is to know your region and what grows well there.  Pick a spot according to the plant’s needed amount of sunlight.  Next, make sure you have good soil and water accordingly.  Start with something easy and enjoy eating the results.  You can make your own salad from start to finish.  Leaf lettuces, tomatoes and cucumbers are easy to grow.  If you don’t have a lot of space, maybe a simple herb garden will work for you.

Yogalog cabin hobbies - family-yoga-on-the-cabin

Don’t let images of people tied in knots dissuade you from trying yoga.  Yoga is non-competitive and hinges on doing what’s right for your body.  Even the most complex poses have modifications to suit different levels.  You can practice yoga inside your log cabin or practice while outside communing with nature.  Yoga has numerous benefits such as increased flexibility, weight reduction, increased energy and improved muscle strength.