State Park Cabins

]Conestoga has been providing small log cabin kits to State Parks around the country for over 30 years.  We currently have our small log cabin kits in over 30 State Parks and that number continues to grow.  Conestoga’s log cabin kits are found in forests, along shorelines, near trails and mountainside all across the United States. Our state park cabins have an ease of building and maintenance that make them ideal for any State Park application.

Who Does Conestoga Log Cabins Work With? 

Conestoga works with multiple associations that can eliminate the need for sending a State Park project out for multiple quotes and get you building as soon as possible.

Your guests will enjoy the tranquility of staying in a rustic log cabin for the duration of their getaway and it will bring them back again and again.

Benefits Of Our State Park Cabins 

Conestoga Log Cabin’s small log cabin kit package is among the most inclusive in the industry.  When you purchase one of our kits, you are able to assemble and start renting in no time.

Campers visiting your State Park will find Conestoga’s small log cabins rustic yet comfortable.  They will attract families looking for a vacation spot, groups of hikers who want a place to crash with a bed, and people who just love nature but don’t want to sleep in a tent.  ADA compliant small log cabin kits are also available so the camping experience can be enjoyed by everyone.

Not only will visitors to your State Park love the log cabins, so will Park staff.  Our small log cabin kits are low maintenance and durable.  Conestoga’s trademarked EverlastTM logs are renowned for their resistance to moisture, shrinking and checking.

Popular State Log Cabin Kits

A few of our most popular 1 and 2 bedroom camping cabin kits are the Durango and Hickory Hill.  Our Durango small log cabin has a main room that is large enough for a sitting area and single or bunkbeds.  A private bathroom in this camping cabin adds to its appeal at 232 square feet.  Covered porches are included with every small log cabin kit.  This gives park visitors a place to unwind at the end of a day of exploring all your park has to offer.

The Hickory Hill log cabin kit was specially designed by a camping customer.  This cabin is perfect for campers who want to enjoy the outdoors but still want the comforts of home.  One private bedroom with more space for sleeping in the main room is paired with a private bathroom and even room for a kitchenette, washer and dryer.  At only 667 square feet your camping customers won’t want to leave!

More basic log cabin options are also available that do not include bathrooms.  The Shenandoah has two rooms and sleeps six while the Club Lodge Bunkhouse sleeps eight in one room.  Conestoga also builds bathhouse cabins that compliment our small log cabin kits.