Specialty log cabins are cabin designs that Conestoga has recognized fit a special need in society or represent a specific set of industry buyers. Some of our most popular specialty log cabins include:

  • Boy Scout projects. We proudly partner with the Boy Scouts of America to deliver cabins that Scouts will enjoy for years and years.
  • Government projects. We supply cabins to help with all sorts of government projects, like bunkhouses or pavilions on Armed Forces bases.
  • ADA projects. We understand that physical disabilities should not prevent someone from enjoying camping in a cabin. This is why we are proud to offer several ADA-compliant cabins.
  • Hunting cabins. If you’re in need of a place to gather after a long day of hunting, Conestoga offers a full line of log cabins that make for a perfect hunting or fishing base camp.
  • State park projects. You can find our cabins in over 30 state parks across the country – find out what makes them so great and why they’re ideal for any state park project.
  • Tiny home projects. Tiny house enthusiasts love our cabins. Uncover the ease and convenience of a tiny home with one of our tiny cabin kits.

Conestoga Log Cabins & Homes is determined to build you the perfect log cabin to fit your personalized needs. See our list of specialty log cabins below and see if one of these fits what you are looking for.

If you have any questions about our specialty log cabins, feel free to contact us! We’re happy to help.