Looking for a place to gather after a day of hunting?  Conestoga offers a full line of inexpensive hunting cabins.  With decades of experience catering to hunters, outdoorsmen, campgrounds and resorts, we are confident we can help you find the ideal cabin for your needs.  You may have seen our cabins at Cabela’s.  We have been providing hunting cabins to Cabela’s customers for many years, including a cabin to their past chairman.  Whether your location is off grid or a little more civilized, Conestoga has the right log cabin for your property.

Most Inclusive Log Cabin Kit In The Industry

Our log cabin kit packages are unique. We provide all the materials pre-cut, notched and drilled for electric and nail holes.  All EverlastTM Logs are low maintenance.  The electrical wire, outlets, switches, trim work, windows, doors, full roof system and porch are included.  Our kits include basically every material you need, except foundation, breaker box, plumbing, flooring and kitchen.  If temperature control is important, heating and cooling units are optional.

Ease Of Assembly

Many Conestoga hunting cabin customers build their own cabins.  Our log cabins are designed with ease of assembly in mind.  We have assembly videos to help builders and provide free inside technical support. Every log is barcoded and every log’s barcode is referenced on the plans.  This not only facilitates assembly but also expedites technical support.  We will know exactly which log you are asking about.

Many Different Hunting Cabins Plans

You can decide how rustic you want the cabin to be.  If you’re a survivalist hunter who requires a bare-bones cabin for shelter, consider the one-room Conestoga Log Cabin or the Pioneer Log Cabin.  Maybe you can’t survive without indoor plumbing, Conestoga offers hunting cabins with full bathrooms such as the Durango Log Cabin and the Getaway Log Cabin.

If you plan to do a little cooking, the kitchenette of the Outdoorsman Log Cabin will come in handy.  Do you need a hunting cabin with enough wall space to hang your trophies?  Will lots of friends and family congregate at your place?  Some of our larger hunting cabins include the Trout Run Log Cabin and the Vacationer Log Cabin.  We are also proud to offer ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliant hunting cabins that offer more turnaround space in all rooms, such as the Spearfish Log Cabin and the Frontier Log Cabin.

Why Choose Conestoga Hunting Cabins

All Conestoga hunting cabins can be customized to make sure you get just what you need.  They are ideal for DIY people because of our straightforward assembly process.  If building isn’t your thing, we can assist with the construction process.  Contact us, and our design team will work with you on a hunting cabin plan, no matter how basic or extravagant.

We look forward to helping you start enjoying your new log home.