Log Cabin Kit Design – How To Design Your Own

Design A Log Cabin

Everyone Has Different Tastes—Their Own Specialized Style—

Even though we offer several standard plans, we realize that many people require customization to meet their log cabin kit design needs.  Everyone has different tastes – their own specialized style – especially when it comes to the design of their dream log cabin!  That’s why throughout the decades, we have helped thousands of happy customers with their custom log cabin kit design.  We work with commercial and residential clients to craft log cabin buildings unique to each customer’s specifications.

There are many ways to start the process.  Customers share their log cabin kit design ideas with us using all kinds of methods:

  • We’ve gotten countless sketches drawn out on napkins
  • A few customers have colored cells on an Excel spreadsheet
  • Many customers plan their cabins on graph paper
  • Often people take an existing Conestoga plan and make modifications to suit their needs
  • A drawing on notebook paper will do
  • Some mark up an existing plan from another source
  • A snapshot of an electronic white board design is an option
  • Or you can just pick up the phone and talk with us about what you’d like

However you get your ideas to us, we can help you design the log cabin building that you need.

Conestoga will work with you on your log cabin kit design for all types of structures including log cabins, log homes, bathhouses, bunkhouses, multi-purposes buildings, pavilions and camping cabins.  We can create a design that meets all building codes and ADA compliance if necessary.  So, what are you waiting for? Contact us about that hunting cabin you’ve always wanted.  If you own a campground, talk with us about constructing single-user restrooms.  Do you need more rental options for your visitors?  Call us!  Whether it’s a tiny house or a large commercial log structure we want to help.

What’s the Next Step?

Contact us to discuss your log cabin kit design.  We are happy to work with you on your plan or any other Conestoga log cabin floor plan.  Let’s start crafting you log cabin dream home today.