Find Your Cabin

Let us help you find a cabin.

If you know exactly what you are looking for, just enter your requirements into the search tool to see what matching plans Conestoga offers.  Some future cabin owners have worked out all of the specifics while others may only know that they want a loft and less than 1500 square feet.  Either way, you can find a cabin based on any number of features.  You can filter based on number of bedrooms or bathrooms or total square footage.  Looking at existing plans is a great way to finetune your own ideas.

Of course if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, Conestoga will work with you to craft the log cabin of your dreams.

Let’s find your cabin!

Shedarick – Log Cabin Kit Shed

This log cabin garden shed is the perfect addition to your existing log cabin retreat. Create the perfect matching look in your yard!

Pavilion Kits

Pavilion kits are customized to your specifications.

Trap Pond Commercial Multi-Purpose Log Structure

1,240 SQF | 20′ x 42′

Lincoln Commercial Multi-Purpose Log Structure

1,700 SQF | 34′ x 50′

Cropper Island Multi-Purpose Log Structure

1,840 SQF | 44′ x 60′

Huron Commercial Multi-Purpose Log Structure

3000 SQF | 40′ x 75′

Durango Bathhouse

232 SQF | 16’7″ x 14′

Alpine Bathhouse

393 SQF | 27′ x 14’7″

Mountain King Bathhouse

720 SQF | 36′ x 20′

Twin Grove Bathhouse

840 SQF | 20′ x 42′

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