All About A-Frame Design

You can recognize an A-frame design log cabin by its triangular roof that resembles the letter “A.”  Even though they have been around for centuries, A-frames became increasingly prevalent in the mid-1950’s through the 1970’s.  Their popularity grew especially as vacation homes.  The numerous benefits of A-frame cabins explain why they are still so popular today.

Many A-frame design log cabins have lofts.  Lofts are wonderful spaces!  They can be spare bedrooms, bonus rooms, sitting areas, libraries or used for storage.  Who wouldn’t love hanging out in a loft?

A-frame designs are optimal for locations that get a lot of snow.  This is because the high pitched roof lines prevent heavy snow loads from accumulating on the roof and weighing it down.  It’s easier for the snow to slide to the ground.  This reduces the risk of roof damage and collapse.Not only are A-frames ideal for wintry conditions, they have benefits in the summer as well.a-frame design

Since most of the living space is on the first floor, heat is allowed to rise up to the rafters, keeping the main floor cooler. Oversized windows fit perfectly into an A-frame log cabin floor plan.  These expansive windows on the front and back walls allow the cabin owner to enjoy multiple views.  Balconies, decks and porches can be added for more opportunities to appreciate the surroundings and for additional living and entertaining space.

The peaked roof lines of A-frame log cabins accommodate stunning cathedral ceilings.  High ceilings provide extra natural light inside the cabin and make it feel like you have more space.   This creates open and inviting areas.  There’s also the added visual appeal of exposed rafter beams.A-frame log cabin kits can be easy to assemble.

Log cabin kit packages should include all building materials such as the roof system, floors, walls, doors and windows. Versatility is a key component of A-frame log cabins.  Some people use these cabins as their primary residence, while most are vacation cabins and resort rentals. They can even be bunkhouses and multipurpose buildings.  Ideal for many locations, you can often see A-frames in wooded areas, mountain settings, water front, hillsides, sloping areas and coastal areas.  So, it’s no wonder that the A-frame’s charm endures.

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