Whether you’ve had your first snow or are still lounging in shorts and flip flops, the holiday season is here!  This joyous time is a great opportunity to transform your log cabin into a winter paradise.  Here are some fun and easy ideas for log cabin decorations.

Winter Cabin Decorations

  1. Yummy Décor – Fill glass jars with candy and spread throughout the cabin. Colorful gummies, chocolates, hard candies and peppermint bark will be loved by everyone.  Don’t forget to replenish throughout the season.
  2. Spray paint your wood pile with a festive message and design.
  3. These easy rustic stockings only require burlap, twine and accessories!winter cabin decorations
  4. Custom Pine Cone Wreath – Position large pine cones, with the tips facing outward, in a tight ring around a grapevine wreath, and then attach the cones with florist wire. Nestle pieces of garland and smaller pine cones between the large cones to hide empty spots and create a lush look. Hang the wreath with wide satin ribbon, or add pieces of ribbon for a pop of color.
  5. Cranberry Wreath – Wrap a wreath with a cranberry chain for contrast.
  6. Winter Fruit Wreath – Accentuate a basic wreath with fresh fruit—red and green apples and oranges.
  7. Simple Centerpiece – Find a pretty serving tray and arrange metallic ornaments with evergreens. It’s easy yet elegant.
  8. Create a Winter Scene – Use a glass bowl and add faux snow, evergreen sprigs and miniature props, available at craft stores. Make a few and display throughout the cabin.
  9. From Halloween to Christmas – Still have your pumpkins? They can easily transition from fall to winter.  Simply paint in festive gold and silver or whatever color you like.
  10. Paper whites fragrantly bloom at Christmas time. Adorn the flower’s shallow vase with cranberries, colorful glass or tiny ball ornaments.
  11. Merry Mailbox – Start your cabin decorations at the end of the driveway. Arrange evergreen swag around the mailbox and affix with wire.  Accent with berries, tinsel, pine cones and bows.