Oftentimes, many people use the terms “cabin kit” and “modular cabin” interchangeably. While both cabin kits and modular cabins are faster to build than a traditional log cabin home, they are not the same thing. Cabin kits include all the pieces needed to construct a log cabin. However, the included components vary by manufacturer. A turnkey log cabin kit package should contain almost everything you need to complete the cabin’s assembly. On the other hand, modular cabins are built off site in a factory, and they’re delivered to the site in almost move-in ready condition. Keep reading to find out more about cabin kits vs. modular cabins.

Similarities Between Cabin Kits and Modular Cabins

cabin kits
Modular Cabin

While cabin kits and modular cabins are quite different, there are some similarities between the two. First, both can be built to look like a traditional log cabin or a stick frame log cabin. Additionally, both a cabin kit and a modular cabin allow for customization and can be built to adhere to codes. There’s also financing available for both of these types of cabins. Lastly, both cabin kits and modular cabins can appreciate in value, unlike a manufactured home, which is essentially a mobile home built on a chassis.

Differences Between Cabin Kits and Modular Cabins


The main advantage of modular cabins is that they are constructed off site and, once they arrive to the site, they’re almost ready to be moved into. However, this convenience has some drawbacks. Since modular cabins arrive as one large unit, their delivery is a serious consideration. Usually, a truck transports a modular cabin on a large trailer. So, if hair pin turns and low overpasses are on the route to your site, a modular cabin may not make it there safely. The module must be able to fit down the road. On the other hand, cabin kits can be delivered worldwide. The parts can be divided into deliverable packages, which means road conditions and site location are not factors.


Log Cabin Kit

A potential drawback of log cabin kits is that they don’t come assembled. However, many cabin lovers and DIY fans do not see this as a challenge. In fact, some people look forward to constructing their cabin themselves with family and friends. At the same time, there are also individuals who aren’t able to put in the physical work required to construct a cabin kit. For this reason, or if the assembly process isn’t appealing, some people choose to hire a builder to complete the process.

Size Options

When it comes to size, cabin kits are much more versatile than modular cabins. A cabin kit can be as small as a one room hunting cabin, or as large as a mansion. A modular cabin can vary in size and number of stories as well by adding more modules to the main one. In modular cabins, molding runs down the middle of where the modules come together to hide where the walls join. However, with kits, there is no need to cover seams with vertical molding.

Although different products, cabin kits and modular cabins offer an alternative to traditional log cabins. Be sure to understand your options when deciding which cabin is right for you.