Computer Aided Design (CAD) was first used by engineers to create precision drawings and technical illustrations.   The use of CAD spread to other professions such as architects, artists, car manufacturers, fashion designers, video game developers and interior designers just to name a few.  Numerous industries utilize CAD programs to simplify the creation, modification and analysis process.  It’s no surprise that Conestoga Log Cabins uses the latest CAD programming to create its log cabin kits.  With CAD for log cabins, Conestoga works more efficiently and produces a higher quality finished product.

Conestoga CAD for Log Cabins

The process often starts with a customer coming to Conestoga with a napkin sketch.  A prospective log cabin buyer draws out a plan for their dream log home or commercial building.  Our draft team is then able to create a floor plan from the napkin sketch and make any layout changes.

Next a detailed 3D model is created which enables the Conestoga designer to ensure all aspects of the design are accounted for such as furniture and appliances.  From the 3D model, we create a set of construction plans.

Because all necessary cuts and drills appear in the 3D model, the log and beam information can be sent directly to the Conestoga factory floor machinery to be produced at a one-sixteenth inch exactness.  This meticulousness virtually eliminates waste.  Since we cut the logs so accurately, there is almost no leftover lumber.  All that remains are wood chips which are recycled into animal bedding by a local farmer.

Along with the electronic data, the shop employees create drawings to verify dimensions on the physical parts.  This paperwork includes a set of ‘notchers’ which also play a role in cabin assembly.  This computerized system also allows us to know the exact location in the cabin of every uniquely numbered log.

From conception to completion, Conestoga uses CAD to create a perfectly crafted log cabin.  The end result is a precision-crafted log building that our customers enjoy for generations to come.