We love hearing stories from our customers.  Below is a story about the cabins purchased for Carolina Beach State Park and the history behind their names.

Here’s a few nice pics of our new cabins at opening in late-May 2016.

A little info on our naming of your beautiful cabins:

Yaupon (pronounce Yo-pon) is an evergreen coastal shrub and member of the holly family. Yaupon is common around the cabins site and has beautiful red berries over the winter. A dark tea may be made from the dried leaves and interestingly it is the only North American plant w/ naturally occurring caffeine. Native Americans used this tea in purge ceremonies and called it, “the black drink”.

Flytrap is reference to the carnivorous plant, Venus flytrap which is found only within a 75-mile radius of Wilmington, NC. This range includes here at Carolina Beach State Park where the plant grows naturally. Visitors come from near and far to see this plant in the wild.


Longleaf Cabin refers to North Carolina’s state tree, the longleaf pine. This tree is responsible for products known as Naval Stores (tar, resin, pitch and turpentine) which NC was the worldwide leader in production through the 1840’s & 50’s. It’s the reason we are known as the “Tarheel State”.

Centennial Cabin is so named because 2016 is the centennial anniversary of North Carolina’s State Park System. In 1916, Gov. Locke Craig, set aside Mount Mitchell in western NC as the first state park and saved it from certain demise due to massive logging. At 6,684 feet, Mount Mitchell is the highest point in NC and the highest point east of the Mississippi River.