Chances are if you’re a log cabin lover, outdoor living is every day. Designing the perfect log cabin shouldn’t stop at the inside.  Consider how much your family would enjoy outdoor living space.  All kinds of options, on all kinds of budgets, are available to maximize your cabin’s porch, patio or deck.

outdoor-kitchen-in-log-homeOutdoor Living Space Ideas for Any Location

  • Everybody knows that food is key to any good gathering. Outdoor kitchens are increasingly popular and go beyond just having a grill.  Possible add-ons include sinks, refrigerators, extra burners, brick pizza ovens, prep areas and smokers.



    • cabin fire pitFire pits are wonderful and can be as simple as a hole in the ground. If you want something a little more refined, you can choose from ready-made portable fire pits, build one from a kit, or construct your own from scratch in about a weekend.  Other options are wood burning versus propane. If you opt for propane you can try lava rocks or decorative fire glass.  Just make sure your fire pit is far enough away from your log cabin.


  • Low maintenance furniture is a must. Resin looks like wicker but it stands up to the elements and can be hosed off as needed.  Select cushion fabrics that will also tolerate the weather.
  • Plant a row of evergreens for privacy. Arborvitaes are versatile and grow quickly.  They can be 15 feet tall and 3-4 feet wide.  When placed together they create an excellent hedge!  Too impatient to wait for trees to grow?  Try privacy screens.  Hardscaping is also a great option.
  • Window boxes are a quick way to add cheer to the exterior walls of your log cabin!
  • Throw down an all-weather stain resistant area rug. Pick something that shows off your outdoor living - cabin outdoor area rugpersonality whether it’s wild animal or vibrant colors or a natural fiber like jute.
  • Outdoor heaters, available in freestanding and table top, are perfect for prolonging your outside time on chilly nights. Select from stainless steel, black, copper or bronze finishes.


  • outdoor living - cabin porch ceiling fanIt’s hard to avoid relaxing if you’re on a swing or a hammock. Place a table nearby for your refreshing lemonade or evening cocktails.
  • Hanging baskets are always pretty.
  • Install a ceiling fan. They keep things cool while keeping bugs away.




  • outdoor living - Cabin flagstone platformPergolas provide a focal point with impact. For protection from the sun you can enclose with curtains or complement with climbing plants like the sweet-smelling wisteria.
  • Try a Herringbone pattern if you want a brick patio. Zigzags are way more fun than the traditional running bond pattern.
  • Turn a small patch of grass into an eating area by placing flagstone in a free form pattern.
  • Vertical gardens or living walls are multi-functional. They offer privacy and beauty all at the same time.  To achieve this effect, panels containing numerous planting cells can be bought and placed together to create your own living wall.


  • Bench borders on log cabin decks are perfect to add extra seating and a sense of enclosure.
  • If you have enough space, maybe a multi-leveled deck is right for you. That way, each level can be its own outdoor living space!

outdoor living - cabin multi-level deck