Log Cabin Kit Design – How To Design Your Own

Design A Log Cabin

Everyone Has Different Tastes—Their Own Specialized Style—Especially When It Comes To The Design Of Their Dream Log Cabin!

With that in mind, Conestoga Log Cabins & Homes is proud to provide you with a unique, fun, interactive program to help you craft the perfect log cabin kit customized to your specific needs.

Getting Started Designing Your Customized Log Cabin Kit Is Easy As 1-2-3!

  1. Simply click the link below to open the program.
  2. log cabin kit designSelect an existing floor plan or choose to create an entirely original plan.
  3. Drag and drop everything imaginable from the drop down list on the left into your floor plan!

Click here and start planning!

  1. Inventory of previously saved plans
  2. Create a new plan
  3. Save plan, save as (new plan), export as Image
  4. Print plan
  5. Send to a friend and/or a Conestoga representative
  6. Undo function
  7. Share plans on facebook through your “wall” and “friends’ news feeds”
  8. Login/logout of planner
  9. Planner help
  10. Floor plan selection tool (select items within plan)
  11. Hand tool (easily navigate plan)
  12. Wall tool, surface tool, line tool
  13. Text tool
  14. Dimension tool (add dimensions to plan)
  15. Photo tool (add image to plan)
  16. Zoom in/zoom out tool
  17. Dynamically size plan
  18. Symbols: furniture, structure, patio, gym-fitness, fixtures-appliances, wiring, miscellaneous
  19. Symbols: doors, windows, stairs, miscellaneous

What’s the Next Step?

Contact us to discuss your log cabin kit design.  We are happy to work with you on your plan or any other Conestoga log cabin floor plan.  Let’s start crafting you log cabin dream home today.