Did you wait until the last minute and need to throw a Valentine’s Day gift together quickly? Are you tired of heart shaped cookies, chocolates and flowers? Here are ten quick Valentine’s Day gift ideas that can be made from objects you have around the house.

DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Everything is better with bacon! Bacon flowers are perfect for anyone that loves the world’s most perfect pork product. Just roll bacon, put on skewers and pop them in the oven. The family dog will appreciate this one too!

2. Personalize a Favorite Drink – Whether it’s a water bottle, soda or beer, design a label that expresses how you really feel.

3. You Rock My World! Even if you can’t find a heart shaped rock in your yard, a loving message will warm any heart and can be a keepsake for years to come.

4. Personalized Candle – find stencils online or freehand it. Scrap out the areas you want to paint and fill them in.

5. Magically Delicious – Every kid’s favorite part of Lucky Charms is the marshmallows. Give them a jar full of sugary delight!

6. Oh So Sweet – Make your honey a body scrub that’s good enough to eat. All you need is sugar, strawberries, coconut oil and vanilla. Learn how.

7. Hand Print Valentine – Stamp hand prints in the shape of a heart and then just add a message. Grandparents love this stuff!

8. Fruit Messages – Leave a message in an unexpected place. “Let’s never split” on a banana or “Orange you glad I picked you?” on an orange makes for a loving healthy snack.

9. DIY Sharpie Mugs – This gift takes minimal effort but is a gift that can be used every day and cherished for years.

10. Wooden Coasters – Visit the woodpile and grab some paint. Saw off the end of a log, add a painted on heart or message and you’ve got a Valentine’s Day coaster made with love.