Small space ideas for tiny spaces, we’ll try to provide some solutions.

Small log cabins can present design challenges when it’s time to furnish them.  One of the first things to think about is scale.  When making furniture selections, keep that in mind that over-sized furniture in small spaces leaves the room feeling tight and cramped. Here are a few other suggestions.

Small Space Ideas: How to make it work

Make your furniture work double duty.  Buy as many multi-purpose pieces as possible.  Sofas should do more than just provide a comfortable place to sit.  Nowadays sofas have storage compartments.  Futons already have two functions, providing seating and sleeping space. They are also available with storage features.  Ottomans and trunks make great coffee tables.

Utilize hidden storage.  The space under floorboards, stairs and landings is ideal for stashing your stuff.  The more items that you can hide away, the fewer pieces of furniture you need to store them.  For more storage ideas check out Log Cabin Organization and Storage Solutions.

When it’s not in use, hide it.  Murphy beds have come a long way.  These days, when the beds are tucked away, workstations with desks and shelves can fold out.  Wall mounted drop leaf tables that easily fold away when not in use are also available.

Small Space Ideas - Great Room to Stairs

Great Room to Stairs

Small Space Ideas - Home Office Design

Home Office Design

Keep it Cozy in the Kitchen.    Banquette seating in kitchens gets rid of the need for hutches, servers and breakfronts since you can keep items under the bench.  Island carts are another versatile addition to a small kitchen.

Use every nook and cranny.  The space under the stairs provides a comfy alcove that can serve as a home office or a video gaming center for the kids.

Light it up.  Lighting that can be attached to walls or hung from the ceiling frees up floor space.

Other Space Savers:

  • Mount the television on the wall instead of using a bulky entertainment center.
  • Armless chairs take up less space in the family room.
  • Kids love bunk beds!