The Perfect Hunting Cabin – Hunting Log Cabin Kits

Hunters take their lodging seriously; in many instances they take pride in building their hunting log cabin kits themselves. A Conestoga log cabin kit, with its straightforward installation, makes for a realistic building project for those with good general knowledge of construction. Various floor plans and options, such as a lean-to for keeping those quad-runners in the dry, provide unlimited possibilities.

Regardless of the size of the camp, Conestoga’s range of log cabin kits and hunting cabin kits provides a variety of options for hunters seeking a unique and durable camp structure. These are structures that have withstood the likes of Hurricane Katrina. With this type of proven log home kit durability, there is no need to worry about taxing them with snow loads or any other condition Mother Nature might send their way. With sturdy interlocking corners, the structure of the hunting cabin gets stronger and sturdier with each log course. Learn more about how Conestoga’s log cabins are structured.

What Could Be Better Than Spending Time In A Character-Filled Hunting Log Cabin After Spending A Fulfilling Day In The Woods?

These days, the idea of getting away from it all to a cozy, rustic hunting cabin is more appealing than ever.  For some of us, it is the love of hunting and being out in the elements by ourselves.  For others, it’s just a chance to unplug from the tireless chugging of the modern world.

Whatever your reason for craving a getaway, there is good news: A high-quality, functional, utterly charming cabin is more attainable than ever before.  And luckily, you don’t have to be Henry David Thoreau to get it.

The advent of log cabin kits has made it possible for anyone to own a log cabin in the woods.  There is a wide variety of different styles, customization, sizes and more to suit your taste, which means you can pick your dream hunting cabin and have it ready for delivery soon after.

Let’s take a look at what sets hunting cabin kits apart.

Benefits of Log Cabin Kits

Conestoga Log Cabins and Homes have more advantages than ease of assembly – our homes are also beneficial in other ways.

  1. Environmentally conscious: New construction leads to a lot of wasted materials, lumber and packaging.  With Conestoga homes, however, all of the parts are made to spec in a factory, in bulk.  This means significantly less waste and the ability to recycle and reuse scrap parts.
  2. Price: While not the cheapest option on the market, log cabin kits do offer incredible value for their price.  Because the factories often receive large quantities of lumber, even custom-designed homes are sure to be reasonably priced due to bulk discounts.
  3. A More Orderly Build Site: With our hunting cabin, you don’t need to worry about large numbers of trucks and delivery vehicles coming in throughout the build.  All the materials are delivered at once and in the proper quantities.
  4. A Quicker Build: Cabin kits take less than half the time to assemble, compared to typical construction projects.  Better yet, they come backed by a technical support team.  If you have a question, you can call, get an answer and move on with the building.

Why Log Cabin Kits are Better Than Conventional Construction

We’ve mentioned a few points already – it is more eco-friendly, leads to a cleaner and more peaceful build suite and lets you finish quicker – but there are yet more ways in which it stands above conventional construction.

  1. The right materials: When undertaking conventional construction, your plans must mesh with the available materials.  Often, you’ll wind up with the wrong type of plywood, the wrong length screws or the wrong fittings – leading to wasted money and time.  You’ll also end up making frequent trips to the hardware and lumber store to scout out new items.  A cabin kit removes this uncertainty from the equation.  You’ll receive the exact materials you need to build your hunting cabin to factory specifications.
  2. Improved safety: Assembling our structure is safer than new construction for many reasons.  For one, there is less guesswork.  That means you won’t be sitting up 15 feet above the ground trying to muscle through a 2 x 6 with reciprocating saw – the pieces are milled and ready to be fit together.
  3. Less frustration: Let’s face it, most of us could do with less stress and frustration.  And you haven’t known frustration until you’ve framed an entire wall, only to realize your window opening is two inches smaller than the window itself.  Conestoga Log Homes removes that guesswork.  Follow the directions, and you hunting cabin will materialize before your eyes.


Conestoga Log Cabins and Homes offers a degree of quality that is hard to match in conventional construction.  The first reason is that our materials are manufactured indoors, where we have full control over the temperature, humidity and other variables.  This consistency reduces the likelihood of variations in quality.

Secondly, we design our hunting cabins and homes for longevity.  Each piece must be durable and meet our standards of quality.  We inspect every log to ensure full compliance with our standards.

hunting log cabin assembly

Lastly, Conestoga Log Cabins and Homes is a green manufacturer.  We are committed to eliminating waste, reducing soil erosion when collecting lumber, practicing sustainable forestry and employing state-of-the-art automation in manufacturing.  When you order from us, you’ll receive a hunting cabin that is as easy on the conscience as it is on the eyes.

Price and Value

Sure, there are cheaper ways to build a home – but cutting corners is not a good idea in construction.  Instead, we strive to offer unparalleled quality for reasonable prices.

Your hunting cabin is an investment.  A low-priced, low-quality cabin will wear out after just a few years, resulting in maintenance costs and extra labor.  We build Conestoga Log Cabins and Homes to last a long lifespan, meaning you investment will divide out over a longer number of years.

Part of this lifespan comes down to our commitment to making our hunting cabins and homes low-maintenance.  We understand a hunting cabin sits secluded for most of the year, with no one to look after it but itself.  That’s why we equip our hunting cabins for the elements.  The result is a hunting cabin that stands the test of time and is there for you many years to come.hunting log cabin investment

Another critical component to our cabins’ longevity is that we manufacture them in a dry, indoor environment.  The logs won’t settle over time or cause cracks to open up.  Cracks allow in wind and rain, which drive up energy costs and ruin houses, respectively.  Your home will remain strong against the elements and ready to start living up to its value.


Everyone has unique tastes and preferences, not to mention party sizes.  That’s why we can customize our hunting cabins to suit your needs.  Whether you are looking for a bare-bones structure just for your solo getaways, or a large lodge for family and friends, Conestoga hunting cabin kits are still the best option.

Just because a house is a “kit” doesn’t mean it can’t be highly customizable.  With log cabins, you can request as many modifications as you want – everything from the number of bedrooms to layout to overall size.

In fact, customizing you hunting cabin allows yo to combine the uniqueness of tradition construction with the ease of kit construction.  With Conestoga Log Cabins and Homes, you can start right away with designing your floor plan to fit your needs.

Your hunting cabin will arrive ready to be put together, with itemized lists and instructions for how to do so.  Your customization will not add extra labor for you, as it will already be incorporated into the build directives.  This integrated method is one of the largest perks of pre-fabricated houses: It allows you to dream big without struggling when it comes time to build.


The woods are full of many derelict hunting cabins, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Not only are hunting log cabins economical to build, they also pay off in the long term with longevity.

Hunting cabins endure more than the average house.  For much of the year, they must sit unused, waiting for their owners to return.  During this time, they are at the mercy of Mother Nature – wind, rain, snow, hail, humidity, storms and critters are all forces they contend with.  As any homeowner knows, water is the ultimate competitor against our construction efforts, and you must take every possible step to protect you home against it.

Conestoga Log Cabins and Homes’ hunting cabins are built to stand up to harsh conditions.  With tight factory tolerances, logs of high grade and quality, solid materials and experienced design, our cabins are both robust and enduring.

hunting log cabin log quality

A hunting cabin is a special getaway, and it should serve you for many years to come.  that’s why choosing a kit is a worthwhile investment – it will ensure you cabin lasts longer.


With any construction project, it’s usually those hidden costs that really add up.  It’s easy to budget for things like wood and concrete, but what about less obvious costs like electrical systems, trim and roofing.

Log cabin kits are all-inclusive.  When assembled, they provide a turn-key product that is ready to use.  They include electrical systems, interior trim, windows, roofing and more.

Not only is this more convenient for your construction process, it is also much easier to budget for.  A cabin’s cost will include most of the major expenses of the project.  Once you’ve laid your foundation, the budget will be predictable.  You won’t have any surprise costs that were left out of the estimate.

Ease of Maintenance

Hunting cabins are not like typical houses.  First off, they’re under a different set of strains.  Occasional visits, a rustic setting and more rugged uses all add up to different needs, which is why owners often overlook the costs of maintaining them.

Because of these needs, hunting cabins should require less maintenance than normal houses – after all, it takes less time and fewer resources to maintain them.  Conestoga’s log hunting cabins are designed to be low-maintenance for this very reason.

Luckily, this attribute extends to other types of log homes as well.  Choosing a log home kit not only means less work during construction, but less work down the road as well.  The precision of the construction and proactive design concepts add up to a house that is especially resistant to weather, grime, leaking and corrosion.

Remember to factor in maintenance costs when budgeting for your hunting cabin or log home.  Over time, the savings of a low-maintenance hunting cabin can add up.


Heading into the woods to hunt harkens of a return to nature – and the hunting cabin should complement the aesthetic as well.

Luckily, hunting log cabins fit into the surrounding atmosphere perfectly.  The most obvious bridge between them is that they are made of trees.  Over the centuries, we have come up with many different ways to notch and join logs while building cabins.  Each one holds a certain amount of cultural and historical richness, but the most beautiful aspect is this: They all remind us of nature equally.

hunting log cabin surrounding

The second bridge between log cabins and the natural world is more subtle, and that is their handmade quality.  Modern construction is a marvelous thing, but it often leads us wondering exactly how a building or house came together in the first place.  The pieces may seem too large and unwieldy, the lines too flawless and straight.  While this creates a sensation of wonder, a log cabin creates a different sort of effect: It lets our eyes unfold the story of its construction.

Whether in the trees, in a field, in the desert or in a lush forest, a log cabin never looks out of place with natural surroundings.  It will always be a welcome sight when you go to unplug for a few days.

We provide an Experience

Imagine settling down for the night in a spacious, but cozy, hunting cabin, surrounded by real log walls and a crackling fire in the stove.  Outside the window, a light snow has just begun to fall, and the sun is slipping below the western horizon.  You enjoy the mouthwatering aroma of cooking food and revel in the snug warmth of this perfect little cabin.

We believe hunting cabins and houses are more than just utilitarian structures.  Their architecture, textures, colors and designs inspire us.  They fill our eyes with beauty and familiarity.  They treat our noses to the scents of sawn wood and fresh air.  They’re the stage upon which adults and children alike build lasting memories.  They’re a place for gathering, relaxing, sharing fun experiences and making the most of life.

Log hunting cabin kits are one of the best options for creating such a space, as well as ensuring it is there to enjoy for a long time to come.

Options for Hunting Log Cabin Kits

Conestoga Log Cabins and Homes’ log hunting cabins have a wide range of sizes and styles to choose from. Here are some of the cabins we offer.

  1. Pioneer: The Pioneer Log Cabin is the coziest of our hunting cabins, with 167 square feet of rugged, but comfortable, living space. This cabin is perfect for minimalists who don’t need a full kitchen or a bathroom.
  2. Shenandoah: The Shenandoah Log Cabin is a 232-square-foot cabin with a comfortable amount of space and not too many frills. This hunting cabin can sleep four, and does not have a kitchen or bathroom.
  3. Outdoorsman: The Outdoorsman Log Cabin offers 424 square feet of space and a 12-12 roof pitch for lots of headroom. This cabin includes modern comforts while still keeping it simple.
  4. Trout Run: The Trout Run Log Cabin is bigger still, with 600 square feet of floor space, two bedrooms and one full bath. It is perfect for fishing trips and family getaways.
  5. Mountain King Residential: The Mountain King Residential Log Cabin Kit is a 1080-square-foot, two-bedroom, one-bathroom cabin that is perfect for a luxurious trip into the woods. This cabin is also suitable for full-time residence.

Come to Conestoga Log Cabins and Homes to find the hunting cabin of your dreams. We want to create a special place for you to enjoy for a long time to come.