For most people, the image of a log cabin evokes feelings of coziness and nature. From the warm tones of the wood logs to bearskin rugs and antler accents, log cabin homes offer a comfortable and inviting atmosphere that smoothly blends the elements of nature with the coziness of the indoors. The insides of these beautiful log homes mimic the rustic and natural elements found in their surroundings.

Log cabins are timeless. While they have been in existence for hundreds of years, the popularity of log cabin homes has grown increasingly in recent years. In fact, about 26,000 log homes are built in the United States every year. Today’s log cabin homes have all of the rustic and cozy charms of old-fashioned log cabins with modern conveniences and contemporary décor and design. Decorating your log cabin home to be comfortable, functional and in tune with both modern and classic log cabin touches is easily achieved with the selection of the proper furniture and accents.

Types of Furniture That Fit the Log Cabin Look and Feel

The furniture pieces you choose for your log home will help you to achieve the log cabin look. Since the beautiful wooden logs featured on the walls and ceilings of log cabins are at the forefront of the home’s décor, it’s important to choose larger scale furniture that has some visual weight to it so that it will stand out.

When choosing furniture to decorate your space, remember that delicate furniture and small, dainty pieces will get lost. While traditional log cabin décor has been heavy and masculine, modern rustic décor infuses femininity into the space with light colors, light-colored woods and softer edges. Charming and sophisticated log cabin furniture makes you feel that you are one step away from the outdoors while enjoying the cozy feel of the indoors.

Types of furniture commonly found in log cabin homes include:

  • Oversized and comfortable chairs and sofas
  • Large, sectional couches
  • Large dining tables made of planks or wood boards, with ample seating
  • Leather pieces
  • Rocking chairs
  • Handcrafted furniture made from natural wood logs
  • Antique and vintage furniture and accessories blended with modern touches
  • Repurposed and upcycled materials and items

Materials Used in Log Cabin Furniture and Décor

Log cabin homes are enhanced by the addition of furniture and decorative accents that feature natural elements such as wood, leather and metal. These elements can be found on the walls, floors and the furniture itself and coordinate nicely. They can be interspersed throughout your log home to further the log cabin look and feel.

There are a wide variety of materials commonly used in modern log cabin furniture and décor that include:


The use of wood in log cabin homes is the underlying theme of the whole space. Wood of all types and colors can be found in rustic furniture, with natural, unpainted finishes being the most popular. Logs are used for bedposts, benches, table legs, and most any other furniture pieces. Wood furniture and accents add to the warm and cozy feel of log cabins and can be found on our home furnishings page.


Leather is a soft but sturdy material that integrates perfectly into log cabin homes. It can be found on furniture, pillows, tabletops and even rugs. Worn, distressed leather is a traditional material found in rustic furniture. Richly colored leathers in chocolate brown, caramel, charcoal grey or ebony black make a bold and masculine statement while neutral and light colored leathers provide a light and airy look.

Natural Elements

Natural elements such as cork, wool, burlap and jute are popular fabrics that are found in rustic furniture and décor. They can be found in pillows, rugs, baskets and many other decorating accessories such as picture frames and lamps.

Animal Accents

No log cabin would be complete without some animal accents. While an overabundance of them makes your space look tacky, using them sparingly brings forth the log cabin feel. Elements such as antlers, fur, cowhide and bearskin rugs are available in both real and faux versions. Animal accents can also be found in furniture fabric patterns and rug patterns along with hanging décor.


Natural stone is a beautiful element that enhances the look of your log cabin dramatically and beautifully. Stones can be used along the sides of cabinets, bathtubs and fireplaces. They contrast beautifully with wood when used for counter tops or back splashes. Decorative stone bowls make beautiful accents, and polished river rocks can be made into a wide variety of decorative accessories.


The presence of metal in rustic furniture and log cabin décor adds to the warm and natural feel of log homes. Tin, iron, bronze, copper, steel and brass can be found on everything from light fixtures to sinks and even tacks accenting leather furniture. Dark and matte metals look best in log cabin homes and evoke a warm and rustic feel.


Richly colored and textured fabrics can be found just about anywhere in log cabin homes, from couches and chairs to quilts and rugs. In log cabin homes, you will find a variety of fabrics patterns used together, such as plaid, Navajo, floral, stripes and animal themes. It is common to blend harmonizing colors with different patterns, and you may see things like plaids mixed with stripes. Be sure to place no more than two bold but simple fabric patterns together so that your space doesn’t look too busy. Fabrics used in log cabin décor can mimic the appearance of the authentic woven textiles created by settlers in early America.

Log Cabin Interior Design Styles

According to Country Living Magazine, top home décor trends for 2017 include the use of woven textiles, quilts and the creation of cozy, relaxing spaces with natural elements. All of these trends can be found in the design style of modern log cabin homes. When decorating your log cabin, it’s perfectly okay to incorporate elements from both traditional and modern styles.

Common log cabin interior design styles include:


This type of décor emphasizes the beauty of rugged and natural elements. Rustic designs feature warm, earthy colors, nature-inspired textures and exude a natural warmth that is both inviting and comfortable. While traditional rustic décor of the past was heavy and dark, the modern rustic style has a lighter and more contemporary feel.

Natural Accents

Accents of wood, metal, stone, leather and animal elements can be found throughout the home. Natural themes can be represented in the home’s décor or can be the materials of the décor items themselves.

log cabin furniture trends


In log cabin homes, especially those that the on the smaller side, minimalist style ensures that the space remains uncluttered and open. Adopters of minimalist style believe that “less is more.” Log cabin furniture that fits in a minimalist-inspired interior mimics the clean lines of the logs and beams. Here you will commonly see furniture that has distinct edges and angles. Colors such as black, white and metal hues are often used along with wood and metal furniture, chrome accents and sparing use of knickknacks.


Log cabin homes are naturally cozy and comfortable. The use of soft elements such as pillows, throws, fur, plush cushions and upholstery balance the robust and heavy lines of the wood. They provide places for rest, peace and relaxation and are perfect for sitting in front of a blazing fireplace on a chilly evening or staying cool during a warm summer’s day. Log cabins have a warm and cozy feel due to the warm wood tones and large windows that let in the natural light.

Natural Tones

Earth tones in shades of soft blue, green, brown, orange, some reds and tans, pair particularly well with log cabin homes. They harmonize with the colors of nature and complement spaces with wood, stone, metal and glass elements. The warm, earthy colors make the space inviting and peaceful. Different shades of neutrals like creams, grays and whites look clean, comfortable and inviting and make the cozy space of a log cabin appear open and airy. Splashes of color pop against neutral colors and help to accent the space.

Country Modern

“Country modern” describes a popular style of decorating log cabin homes today and incorporates all of the styles listed above. The incorporation of neutral and natural color schemes and earth tones makes the country accents stand out more distinctly. In this style, you’ll see elements such as distressed and lighter woods, natural colored leather and sisal rugs. Country modern style favors streamlined furniture with wood and metal accents, solid fabrics with fewer patterns and bold splashes of color.

With a neutral color scheme for your walls and basic log cabin furniture pieces, you can add splashes of color by changing out your accessories such as pillows, throws, curtains and rugs. This provides versatility to modify the look of your room seasonally or whenever you’d like. When you aren’t bound to a permanent color scheme, you have the freedom to change the look of your space without having to spend a lot. A neutral color scheme also makes your splashes of color boldly stand out.

Finishing It off with Accent Pieces

Accent pieces help to further the rustic and natural feel and can be achieved through the use of natural elements and fabrics. Everything from your choice of bedding to the style of your door handles can give interest and dimension to your log cabin home.

log cabin furniture accent pieces

Here are some log cabin furniture and accent piece ideas broken down by materials:


  • Tree trunk coffee table
  • Branches made into a coat rack
  • Wood switchplate covers
  • Pinecones, twigs, bark and branches for centerpieces
  • Log posts
  • Shelving made of logs and cut tree trunks.


  • Stone candleholders
  • Polished river rocks in different sizes placed together as a focal piece
  • Stone bowls, vases and other vessels

Animal Accents

  • Antler accents, such as cabinet pulls and door handles
  • Real or faux fur blankets, pillows and cowhide or bearskin rugs
  • Sheepskin throws


  • Door pulls shaped like twigs
  • Metal lampshades
  • Metal sinks


  • Braided and rag rugs
  • Vintage quilts
  • Curtains in bold colors and patterns. Their soft and billowy texture increases the coziness and sophistication of your space. They add a splash of color to your room. When hung floor to ceiling, drapes can make the room appear larger.


  • Fun décor such as mini log cabins, cute cabin signs or nautical or fishing themes
  • Artwork with scenes of rustic and nature themes and trees
  • Vintage, antique and sentimental pieces

Décor Ideas for Different Rooms

These décor ideas will fit well in any room in your log cabin home. For all rooms, the use of warm and soft lighting ensures the cozy and inviting feel that log cabins possess. Natural elements and warm, neutral colors throughout your home give the space a unified and cohesive look.

Rustic decorating ideas for specific rooms include:


  • Stone, wood or cement countertops and backsplash
  • Open-faced wood cabinets
  • Stools or chairs made of wood
  • Metal elements or stainless appliances
  • Distressed or natural wood island or butcher block

Living Room

  • Plush sofas
  • Leather chairs or sectionals
  • Fur pillows
  • Wood tables
  • Shag, bearskin or cowhide rugs
  • Mixture of different patterns and textures


  • Metal sinks
  • Towel rack made from sanded branches
  • Old washtubs for sinks
  • Large mirror framed with polished stones
  • Aged wood vanity
  • Copper bathtub
  • Stone or wood countertops.


  • Soft bedding and quilts
  • Rag rug
  • Bed and nightstands made with log or wood posts
  • Fireplace
  • Rich and warm curtains or drapes.
  • Faux fur blanket

Re-purposing and Up-cycling Items for Your Log Cabin Decor

Many furniture manufacturers today create pieces that are meant to look distressed and old. Still, budget-conscious people scour yard sales, antique and flea markets to find authentic vintage pieces. Whether you choose to buy your pieces new or well-worn, selecting decorative accents and furniture for your log home should be a fun endeavor.

Decorating your log cabin is a perfect opportunity for the do-it-yourselfer to get creative. Here is where you can turn an inexpensive yard sale dresser into a beautifully distressed accent piece or take an old washtub and transform it into a gleaming kitchen sink. Upcycling and repurposing old items and materials for use in your log cabin home not only helps you save money, but it also creates beautiful and unique elements in the process.

Ideas for re-purposing materials for your log cabin décor include:

  • Using a metal watering cans as a shower head
  • Galvanized metal tubs as sinks or bathtubs
  • Distressed metal elements used in new ways such as drawer pulls and furniture handles
  • Copper sheets used for range hoods or tabletops
  • Old wood pallets as furniture or wall decor
  • Corrugated steel panels on walls/shower
  • Mason jars used as lighting or vases
  • Vintage wood barrels as tables

The possibilities for decorating your log cabin home are endless and as unique as the homes themselves. Log cabin homes are beautiful, durable and affordable and will provide you and your family with years of comfort, relaxation and memories.  If you’re looking to furnish or build your first log cabin home, contact us today.