Whether your log cabin is your year round residence or a seasonal retreat, you want it to be secure.  Burglars are looking for easy access.  They want to be undetected and in and out as quickly as possible.  The average burglar is male, under 25 and targets areas within a few miles of his home.  Log cabin home security doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective. It could be local teenagers wanting your case of beer or someone looking for quick cash, jewelry or guns.  Either way, don’t make it easy for them.

Log Cabin Home Security Tips

Tried and True.  Install an alarm system.  Post the alarm signs in your yard and on your windows to deter thieves from considering your home as a target.  Or, if a system isn’t in your budget, post security system signs anyway.  It makes your log cabin appear to be a risky mark.

Look at home when you’re not.  A seemingly vacant property might be irresistible to a thief.  Don’t make your absence obvious to criminals.  If you only use your log cabin seasonally, make sure you hire someone to maintain the landscaping.  Don’t let newspapers and mail pile up.  Put your lights on timers.  Ask a neighbor to put tracks in the snow.

log cabin home security - Dogs on Cabin PorchMan’s best friend.  Add a furry companion to your log cabin family.  Size and breed do not matter.  Criminals don’t want to deal with a loud barking dog.  Thieves don’t need to know that your dog is more Scooby Doo than Cujo.

Don’t show off.  Stop leaving bikes, scooters, toys and tools out in the yard for everyone to see.  Take the time to put them away when they are not in use.

Still hiding an extra key under the mat?  Well stop.  Fake rocks, ornamental bunnies and sprinkler heads are not safe hiding places either.  Crooks know to look there.  If you simply must leave a key behind, leave it with a trusted neighbor.  Or install locks with number keypads or fingerprint identification.

Holly hurts.  Consider placing prickly shrubs near access areas.  Intruders will think twice if they are Hollybeing stabbed while breaking in.  Other thorny plants are firethorn, barberry, gooseberry and roses.

Hinder hiding.  Don’t let your landscaping provide a hiding spot while thieves break in.  Regularly prune bushes, shrubs and trees that offer cover.


Smile, you’re on candid camera.   Motion activated trail cams have been used for years to observe wildlife.  They can capture animals on two legs as well.  Security cameras can be installed at doors and throughout your log log cabin home security - Decoy cameracabin.  You can observe real time video and monitor activity remotely from your laptop or cell phone.  Also, make sure the cameras are visible so would-be burglars know they are being recorded.  Decoy cameras equipped with flashing red lights can fake out crooks if you’re looking for a less expensive option and can be found on Amazon.

Love thy neighbor.   Get to know your neighbors.  A nosy neighbor is the frontline in log cabin home security.  They can notify you or authorities if someone is hanging around who doesn’t belong.

Open window equals open invitation.  Everyone loves fresh air circulating through the log cabin.  However, close and lock your windows when you’re not there, even if you’re just going out for a minute.

Lock down.  Invest in good locks for your windows and doors.  Place dead bolt locks on all exterior doors.  Also, use blocking devices on sliding glass doors.  Of course, you actually need to use them.  Many break-ins don’t involve forced entry because cabin owners left windows and doors unlocked.

Solid as a rock.  Exterior doors should be made of solid wood or metal so criminals can’t kick their way into your log cabin home.

log cabin home security - Cabin Lights at NightLight up the night.  Even though most burglaries happen during the day, you still need to be vigilant in the evening.  Install motion sensitive lighting.  A light suddenly turning on may dissuade a ne’er-do-well from proceeding.

Rocky road.  A gravel driveway makes a quiet approach by vehicle impossible.

Stop sharing.  Think twice before you put your life story on social media.  For example, don’t announce your comings and goings.  Tell your children to avoid doing the same.

Deter window shopping.  Close your blinds so thieves can’t create a wish list based on your belongings.  Don’t tempt them by leaving your valuables in plain sight.  The iPad sitting on the coffee table may be too hard to resist.