Our furry friends are part of the family.  To make them feel right at home, consider making log cabin pet spaces for them.   Whether canine, feline, or something else design for the life of your pet and your family.  Here just a few ways to make your log cabin home per friendly.

Special Log Cabin Pet Spaces Make Your Furry Friend Feel at Home

Pet Bedding

The favorite resting spot of most pets is snuggled up next to their owners.  However they can stilllog cabin pet spaces - bed idea appreciate a bed of their own.  Consider putting beds in multiple rooms, so your pet can follow you around and be comfy wherever you go.    Beds with washable covers are easier to maintain.  If your cat would prefer to be elevated, check out wall mounted cat ledges.  From the perch, your kitty can catnap or just observe.

Pet Den

When designing spaces for your tail-wagger, look for opportunities to re purpose unused areas.  Create a pet den by putting the crate under a table in a kitchen nook or other family gathering spot.  You can find furniture with pet crate space already built in such as an ottoman or night stand.  Another area that is often forgotten is the space under the stairs.  It makes the perfect little nook for a doggy domain of kitty condo.

Pet Potty Places

Don’t you like a little privacy when you’re in the bathroom?  Your cat will appreciate that too.  Tuck the litter box under the sink or under a skirted table.  Your cat gets privacy and you hide an eye sore.

There are different issues to address with dogs.  The high levels of nitrogen in their urine are deadly to grass.  To limit growing brown spots in the yard, designate a potty area outside.   Create a space with gravel or mulch where you would prefer that your dog do its business.  As with any potty training, be sure to reward your dog when it uses the correct area, and reprimand it when it doesn’t.

Bath Time

log cabin pet spaces - pet wash stationIf your dog loves the great outdoors as much as you do, he’s going to need a bath once in a while. Why mess up your own tub or shower when you can have a wash station dedicated to your furry friend?  It can be as basic as the floor mop sink similar to what is found in a janitor’s closet, or fully decorated with custom tile to compliment the cabin décor. The perfect time to install a dog-washing station is during a remodel or new-cabin build, but putting one in an existing mudroom, laundry room or garage is not complicated as long as plumbing is already in place.  Is a shower or tub best for your dog? In general step-in showers are easier for larger dogs. Elevated tubs are best for small dogs that can be lifted. Steps or ramps can help dogs in and out.  Complete the wash station with a flexible handheld shower head and hook on the wall to leash your dog during the bath.

Doggie Door

Do you want your pet to have a little more freedom?  Invest in an airtight pet door.  Your cat or dog canlog cabin pet spaces - pet door with enclosure come and go at will and you never have to leave the sofa.  Of course be on the lookout for whatever they bring back in with them.  Cats love to bring their humans “gifts.”  Often times they are still squirming!  A gate can be used to make an enclosure surrounding the pet door to limit access to the rest of the cabin.