So you’ve finished the assembly of your log cabin kit and the family is anxious to start spending time in your new vacation cabin making memories.  Do you take the entire family or leave the pets at home?  Not all pets are suited for travel. What’s the best decision for your pet’s personality?  Before making that decision, consider the benefits and the challenges of log cabin pets.

All About Log Cabin Pets


Many dogs can easily transition from one setting to another as long as they are with their people.  log cabin pets - Dogs on porch of #logcabinBoth would enjoy playtime and companionship.  Your pet dog would enjoy investigating new sights, sounds, smells and experiences such as splashing in nearby lakes and walking in unexplored territory.

Some dogs may have a harder time adjusting to a new atmosphere.  A friendly dog at home may be more uncertain and protective in a new location.  Some dogs may be anxious in a new place, especially if left alone.  You may need to consider crating your dog or confining him to one room of your log cabin in your absence.


Because cats are sensitive to change, they are not always easy travelers.    If you decide to take your cat, keep it in the carrier while in the car. You’d be surprised at the tiny, inaccessible spaces your cat can squeeze into while on the road.  Including familiar scents from home may help put your cat at ease.

log cabin pets - Cat in travel cat carrierEven with planning, your cat may be better off at home especially if your cat is on the neurotic side.  Consider a qualified pet sitter. Or have a neighbor, who knows your cat, stop over to refresh food and water.  There’s a good chance your cat will be less stressed at home without you for a few days than with you in an unfamiliar environment.

So, You’ve Decided to Take Them Along!

Regardless of the type of pet, keep their routine consistent.  Keep feeding, exercise and play time the same.  Vacation cabin routine should mirror the regular regimen.  Make sure you have all the needed supplies including medical records with rabies vaccination.  Tags and microchips should be up to date.  Protect against ticks with topical anti-tick medication.  Be on the lookout for interactions with native wild life.  Incorporate pet spaces into your log cabin.

With proper preparation your family, furry members included, can enjoy the vacation cabin together!