Moisture, Mold & Mildew Prevention

You finally have your log cabin kit just the way you want it.  So, don’t let moisture, mold and mildew damage your investment.  The first place to start moisture, mold and mildew prevention is the bathroom.  By their nature, bathrooms are full of moisture which can lead to mold and mildew.  Long hot showers, flushing toilets, and leaky faucets are just a few culprits. However, if you can’t talk your family into taking shorter, cooler showers with low flow shower heads (because everyone loves brief cold showers with low water pressure!), try some of the following approaches:

One of the smartest ways to prevent moisture in your log cabin bathroom is to install an exhaust fan. mildew prevention - Shower exhaust fan Today’s fans don’t sound like a plane taking off and can run almost silently.  What’s more, properly installed fan will vent to the outside, not the attic.  Run the fan during all showers and for 20-30 minutes afterwards to help heavy water vapor escape.  Fans come with timers for the forgetful who may not remember to return to shut the fan off.

In addition, be sure to inspect pipes and seals for leaks.  Don’t let water pool around your sinks and toilets.  Pipe insulation can help with condensation.  If you can’t solve the problem, call a plumber.

mildew prevention - Bathhouse log cabinDon’t even think about putting carpet in the bathroom!  Since it doesn’t dry easily, you’re inviting mold and mildew.  If you like the feel of carpet under your feet, purchase area rugs or bath mats that can be washed and dried regularly.  Air them out between uses.

Stretch out your shower curtain after bathing to help the water dry.

Deal with slow water drainage.  Does your daughter’s waist length hair clog the drain?  Or is it the puppy’s regular bath?  (make your puppy his own space!)  Either way, clogged drains slow water’s movement and can contribute to mold growth in the bathroom.

We’ve all seen sweaty toilets, especially on a hot summer day at the log cabin.  Tanks with toilet liners solve the toilet condensation problem.  New toilets can be purchased with liners included.  If you’re not ready for a new toilet, inexpensive after-market products are also available.

If your log cabin kit bathroom has log walls, coat them with heavy layers of polyurethane.  However, if you opted for drywall, consider anti-condensation paint.  These methods won’t eliminate moisture but will help control it.

Do you have any helpful strategies for mold and mildew prevention?