Over the years, many campgrounds and resorts have begun to gravitate toward private campground restrooms and single-user restrooms. This shift away from communal bathhouses addresses and solves a variety of different social issues. Here are a few of the reasons that single-user restrooms and bathhouses are becoming the norm in campgrounds, and other public facilities around the country.

Less Wait Time

Typically, girls and women take longer to use the bathroom than men. Not just because they have naturally smaller bladders, but because female clothing is typically more restrictive than men’s clothing. As a result, women spend more time in the bathroom than men do on average. However, most male and female restrooms are the same size, resulting in waiting lines for the women’s restroom. Meanwhile, the men’s room rarely has a line. Single-user restrooms are a solution to this problem, and they ensure what some people call “line equality.” Single-user restrooms can also decrease lines and wait time by relieving the social pressure that some people feel when using public, communal restrooms. Because of the pressure to use the restroom as quickly as possible, some people experience a shy bladder and may take longer to use the bathroom than they would if the stall were private.

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Less Problems for Parents and Caregivers

Private campground restrooms make it much easier for opposite-sex parents and caregivers when providing assistance. Whether it’s a mother needing to accompany her son to the bathroom or a daughter assisting her elderly father with using the restroom, multi-user bathrooms present challenges to opposite-sex family members and caregivers. Most men would feel uncomfortable entering the women’s restroom and vice versa, so the only other option is sending a child to the bathroom unattended. While it’s rare that anything bad would happen, some parents are reluctant to send children to the bathroom unattended. Single-user bathrooms eliminate this issue, while promoting much more comfort and privacy than multi-user restrooms.

More Inclusive for Transgender People

One of the most common problems that transgender individuals face is deciding which bathroom to use. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for transgender people to face threats, crude jokes, and taunting for using the “wrong” restroom. This results in fear and stress for transgender individuals when using communal restrooms. In single-user bathrooms individuals that identify as transgender may feel a lot safer and more comfortable. For campsites, this amenity is very important, as if does not discriminate against transgender campers.

Conestoga’s Private Campground Restrooms

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Is it time for your campsite to make a change and shift toward private bathhouses? If you haven’t already made the shift, Conestoga Log Cabins is a great place to start. Currently, we offer two bathhouse models that feature private rooms: the Durango Bathhouse and the Twin Grove Bathhouse, which is the larger of the two. Both are designed for a shower, sink, toilet, and are equipped with electrical outlets and individual entrances. Additionally, the individual bathrooms are large enough to be used as family restrooms. This makes it much easier for parents to accompany their children to the bathroom. The Twin Grove Bathhouse also provides space for a laundry and one or two ADA compliant private restroom. These designs can be modified as needed.