In 2016 Jack and Charlene from WA drove their Tesla electric Sedan to PA to tour Conestoga’s facility and Mountain King Model.  They traveled their route specifically around service stations to replenish their car’s energy.

Once arrived, they fell in love instantly with the cabin structure and purchased a Serenity log cabin kit.

Jack, Charlene and their family bonded while building the family cabin themselves.  Jack, to this day reminds Conestoga that he would be happy to show his cabin or talk to any potential customers about his cabin and his Conestoga experience.

“It is almost exactly one year ago that we met you at the Conestoga plant.  We are substantially complete now!  We are absolutely happy with the quality of the kit and components and appreciate the professional and friendly service you and your team have afforded us during the purchase and assembly.

If you come West, let us know.”

“Charlene and I are very enthusiastic about our small cabin.  While the Serenity is small it does not mean it is cheap.  The quality of the supplied components and the precision of its manufacturing are superb.  We made it a family project and had a great experience assembling it.

We also visited your facility and were impressed with the entire operation.”