Guest Author: Sam Lambert

Tips for Sprucing Up Your Log Cabin

Log cabins can give us a sense of the rustic past, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some modern decorations. If you’re renting out the cabin to earn some extra cash, a few well-placed flowers and plants may help increase your bookings. Whether it’s your vacation home or full-time house, adding some life to the cabin will help create a more inviting and cozy home. Check out these tips for sprucing up your log cabin this year.

Make it Cozy

Cabins have an overwhelming feeling of coziness from the start. Yet, there are ways to make your log cabin even more comfortable. Don’t be afraid to add plush pillows or plenty of throw blankets on the couch. Outlining windows with drapes or curtains also help create a warm and protected look. Cabins should feel inviting and relaxed enough that anyone would feel comfortable taking a nap on the couch or enjoying coffee by the fire.

Use Plants for Food or Decor

Being immersed in nature already, why not add your own florals or small garden? Use the extensive space you have outdoors to create an edible garden, perfect for cooking — especially since a drive to the market isn’t as quick as going to your yard. Be sure to protect your garden from squirrels or other critters that may want a bite.

Indoors you may consider placing a small pot of African Violets on a bedside table. Windowsills can handle a few different containers with a variety of succulents like jade or a small cactus to add texture to the room. Kitchen windows could even handle an herb garden that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Draw Interest With a Rug

Cabin life is for those who want to be as close to nature. You’ll no-doubt go outdoors many times throughout the day. Consider adding a new rug to the cabin to help cut down on dirt as well as bring some color to the room. Outdoor rugs used indoors are an excellent option since they’re durable and are easy to clean. Choose a fun pattern or color scheme to help anchor the room. You also want to match the warm tones of the wood inside.

Choose Black Accents

Cabins are naturally beautiful with their brown and tan tones. It’s sometimes tough to decide what color to choose when trying to decorate the interior. Try some dark colors to contrast the neutral walls and ceiling. Black is a natural fit as an accent color and will help to make certain parts of the cabin stand out. Add a black coffee or dining table along with black painted or stained chairs. Hanging black picture frames or artwork on the walls will also help create that homey look.

sprucing up your cabin

Add Some Trees

You’re surrounded by nature so why not bring some natural elements indoors? Add a potted tree to your living room. Many indoor trees will stay small and can even help purify the air inside. Trees like Fiddle Leaf or Corn Plant can add texture and movement to a room. Palm trees are also popular container plants that work well indoors.

Living in a log cabin offers the best of living in nature. It’s a simple way of enjoying the outdoors and rustic living. These tips allow you to bring even more of the outdoors inside to remind you why you chose the log cabin lifestyle.

Sam Lambert is an outdoor living expert. Sam loves cultivating his own fruit and vegetables in his backyard. You might have seen Sam riding past you on a local dirt biking trail or climbing a nearby rock wall.