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Q2 2021 Newsletter

Log cabin talk Quarter 1

There’s No Place Like the Cabin: Series Review

Cabin Blog Series Review All the design highlights in one place. Every week over the past two months, we went on a journey through log homes together, searching for ways to transform your cabin house into a home. We reminisced on what each room represents, discovered how to beautifully dress functionality, and hosted nostalgia in [...]

The Cabin Front Porch

"There's No Place Like the Cabin" Your Cabin Front Porch - Just Like the Movies It was where Forrest Gump, “for no particular reason…decided to go for a little run” (Forrest Gump, 1994). Scout Finch learned here that “Atticus was right…you never really know a man until you stand in his shoes” (Harper Lee's To [...]

The Cabin Backyard

"There's No Place Like the Cabin" The Cabin Backyard - Your Outdoor Oasis What are log homes without the outdoors? Without nature painted like a canvas through every window asking us to enjoy all that it has to offer. When we travel to the cabin, we are traveling to an experience, one that would not [...]

The Cabin Bathroom and Closet

"There's No Place Like the Cabin" The Cabin Bathroom and Closet When you hear the word “log home” what rooms immediately come to mind? Before you mentally respond, I would like to offer a scenario that may challenge your perspective. After a long day, you park the car adjacent to your log home and when [...]

Dreaming of a Cabin Bedroom

"There's No Place Like the Cabin" The Cabin Bedroom The cabin bedroom can best be described as a sanctuary. With a closed door, the pause button is pressed on outside responsibilities and other time-consuming activities, and the play button is released on rest. It sees us off in the early mornings of our daily routines [...]

Cabin Loft Living

"There's No Place Like the Cabin" The Cabin Loft We’ve spent some time on the first floor of the cabin in the previous installments of this blog series. Now let’s head upstairs to a space where the design possibilities are endless. To a room that overlooks the great room and offers opportunities for something that [...]

Cabin Dining

"There's No Place Like the Cabin" Taste and See In the Dining Room The dining room is one of those spaces that sees a lot of traffic – parents with their coffee, kids with their backpacks and books, and of course the meals. Its table and chairs are meant for gathering and eating. But the [...]

Cabin Great Room

"There's No Place Like the Cabin" Creating a Room That’s Truly Great: The Great Room It’s the room where we take a load off at the end of the day and the natural second stop after the kitchen. There’s something about Sunday afternoons that draws certain family members here for their regularly scheduled naps. But [...]

Cabin Kitchen Design

"There's No Place Like the Cabin" Cabin Cuisine There's something about log cabins that's hard to replicate anywhere else, and we at Conestoga Log Cabins may be biased, but we couldn't agree more.  Whether you want to plant roots in the woods or have your own Pearson Family Cabin like the one seen on This [...]

Q1 2021 Newsletter

Conestoga News Q1, 2021

Backyard Sheds Gain Popularity During COVID

Creativity During COVID 2020 has been an incredibly unique time in modern history. With the challenges and uncertainty that have been added to life because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is safe to say that just about everyone is looking for some semblance of normalcy to return to their lives. COVID has affected almost every […]

Q4 2020 Newsletter

Conestoga News Q4

Eco Cabins

Have you thought about building an eco-cabin?  Eco cabins appeal to private homeowners as well as commercial property owners.  As an individual, you may be drawn to the environmentally friendly components as well as a desire to reduce your carbon footprint and lower energy needs. As a commercial property owner, these factors may appeal to [...]

Camping During COVID

Camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, get some fresh air, stay active, and relieve stress.  With precautions, COVID doesn’t have to change that.  Your camping experience may be different but can still be extremely enjoyable!  Are you ready to venture out? First of all, you need to plan.  This is not the [...]

5 of Conestoga’s Best Log Cabin Kits

Conestoga Log Cabins and Homes offer a large selection of log cabin kits, for a whole range of purposes. Maybe you’re looking for a small cabin which you can use as a guest quarters on your property, a new holiday home, or maybe you want to build your dream family log cabin which will last […]

Top 4 Benefits of Solar Cabins

Solar cabins continue to grow in popularity in the United States as well as abroad. Solar power appeals to more than just those concerned about protecting the environment. Keep reading to discover some of the top benefits of using solar energy to power your log cabin home. Reduce or Eliminate Your Energy BillsThe number one […]

Maintaining a Healthy Body and Mind in Solitude

Contributing Author, Jenifer Kinder, YTT-200 Everyday life can take its toll on all of us. Juggling between work and home life while trying to carve out time for ourselves can be challenging. This life can leave us feeling a bit ungrounded and out of sync. I’ve learned over the last few years that spending a […]

DIY Meditation In Nature

Meditation is a practice of mindfulness and relaxation. Learning to meditate is like learning any other new skill. It takes consistent practice, and you will find it gets a little easier each time.

Cabin Fever Definition in a Glance

Cabin fever definition:  extreme irritability and restlessness from living in isolation or a confined indoor area for a prolonged time.  The Merriam-Webster Dictionary Cabin fever definition: a state characterized by anxiety, restlessness, and boredom, arising from a prolonged stay in a remote or confined place. Cabin fever definition: the impatient or bored feeling that […]

Making Thanksgiving Traditions

The Feast There are so many delectable treats that we expect as part of our Thanksgiving traditions. The turkey is usually the star player surrounded by a supporting cast of rock start side dishes. Many people enjoy stuffing/dressing, gravy, sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce. Depending on what part of America you’re from, your vegetable could […]

Hunting Cabin Plans

Hunting cabin plans are very popular among our customers. One of the first things we ask our clients is how do you envision your hunting cabin? What amenities do you want? Do you see a modest cabin with just a stove and outhouse? Or maybe you’re imagining something a little more modern with running water […]

Green Buildings for Green Living Americans

Green is the color of life, renewal and nature. It’s no wonder that “green” is the term used to refer to people and principles that are concerned with caring for and protecting out environment. Log cabins are growing in popularity among green-minded Americans. When built appropriately log cabins can be green buildings that lower the […]

A-frame House Kits

A-frame house traditionally refers to a style of architecture featuring a steeply-angled gable roof that usually starts at or near the foundation line and meets at the top in the shape of the letter A. This style of building dates back centuries including shelters in ancient Japan, European cooking houses, peasant cottages, tropical thatch huts […]

What Is A Modular Building?

Modular Buildings first became popular because they were cheap and easy to assemble than stick-built construction.  So, what is a modular building?  It is a home or other building that is built in a factory in sections.  The sections are then transported to its intended location, where assembly takes place.  Modular buildings and log cabin […]

5 Reasons to Celebrate July 4th at the Cabin

Celebrate July 4th, our Independence Day in traditional style at your log cabin. If you don’t have a log cabin there are many available to rent, or better yet start building yours for next year!

The Tiny House Trend and Cabin Living

The tiny house trend has certainly expanded and for many is now a “tiny homes lifestyle”. It has its origins in the late ’90s but has really begun to gain traction and popularity in the last 10 years. Log Cabin living has

Are Log Cabins Energy Efficient?

  In 2019 there are a growing number of factors individuals and corporations must take into account when making decisions related to building. Whether factories or homes, energy efficiency is a vital consideration both in terms of cost and environmental impact.

Celebrities, Past and Present, and the “Cabin Trend”

Many are surprised to learn that some of the most recognizable names in Hollywood and the entertainment industry understand the appeal of cabin living and have invested in properties of their own. The appeal of peaceful and stylish living is not lost on these big-name celebrities. Megan Mullaley, wife of “Parks and Recreation” star Nick […]

Cabins and Glamping Are Partners

Have you always wanted to go camping but don’t like the idea of sleeping in a tent or sleeping bag? If so, you may want to consider glamping. Keep reading for more information on what glamping entails, and why log cabins are perfect for it.

Newest Model Bear Den

Bear Den Log Home Design The Bear Den is our newest model and is currently in the process of being built.  Stay tuned here or follow us on Facebook, #CLCBearDen to see progress photos and updates! Do you want to see the final product?See all the finished photos, pricing and additional information! {{ vc_btn: title=Visit+Bear+Den& [...]

Private Campground Restrooms Trending

Over the years, many campgrounds and resorts have begun to gravitate toward private campground restrooms and single-user restrooms. This shift away from communal bathhouses addresses and solves a variety of different social issues. Here are a few of the reasons that single-user restrooms and bathhouses are becoming the norm in campgrounds, and other public facilities […]

Allergies Have You Down?

Tips for Reducing Allergies at the Cabin Anyone who suffers from allergies knows that they can be real nuisance, especially when spending time at the cabin. Your cabin is supposed to be somewhere that you can relax and unwind, and you probably don’t want your allergies to act up and put a damper on your […]

Log Cabin History

A Brief History of the Log Cabin Log cabins have been around for as long as we can remember, but where did they come from? What’s the history of the log cabin? Keep reading as we outline the log cabin’s roots and history.

March 2019 Newsletter

In This Issue: Japanese Customer Orders 14 Cabins 12-Year-Old Conestoga Cabin Still Looking Good Conestoga Introduces Log Cabin Sheds Private Bathroom Structures Trending Custom Log Cabin Lodge Spring Open House – May 4th Download Newsletter

Spring Maintenance for Log Cabins

After a long, hard winter, it’s time to start thinking about getting your log cabin ready for spring! Here are some log cabin spring maintenance suggestions to get your cabin in tip-top shape for the upcoming warmer months!

Tips for Sprucing Up Your Log Cabin – Guest Post

Guest Author: Sam Lambert Tips for Sprucing Up Your Log Cabin Log cabins can give us a sense of the rustic past, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some modern decorations. If you’re renting out the cabin to earn some extra cash, a few well-placed flowers and plants may help increase your bookings. Whether […]

Cabin Kits vs. Modular Cabins

Oftentimes, many people use the terms “cabin kit” and “modular cabin” interchangeably. While both cabin kits and modular cabins are faster to build than a traditional log cabin home, they are not the same thing. Cabin kits include all the pieces needed to construct a log cabin. However, the included components vary by manufacturer. A […]

5 Ways Log Cabin Living Benefits Your Health

It’s no secret that there are all sorts of advantages of living in a log cabin, but did you know that log cabin living can benefit your health as well? That’s right, living in a log structure can positively impact human health in more ways than one! Keep reading to find out more.

All About Log Cabins and Termites

Believe it or not, log cabins are not a buffet for termites as some people mistakenly assume. You see a lot of wood and think that log cabins would be a paradise for termites. That is not true. Log cabins are no more susceptible than stick frame homes to termite infestation. Log Cabins and Termites […]

Top Considerations When Buying Land for Your Cabin

Buying land is the first (and often most important) step in building your dream cabin. However, it comes as no surprise that buying land isn’t an easy purchase to make. There are many things to think about when buying land for your cabin. 

Log Cabin Fireplace Options

There isn’t much else that compares to the comfort and coziness of a fireplace. Adding a fireplace to your log cabin can really take it to the next level in terms of design and ambiance. However, when it comes to choosing a log cabin fireplace, there are a couple of different options. Keep reading for […]

4 Things to Consider Before Building a Fire Pit Yourself

So, you’ve decided to take it upon yourself to build your own fire pit, but you’re not sure where to start. Does this sound like you? If so, keep reading! We know that building a fire pit on your own can seem like a daunting task, so we’ve put together a list of some pointers […]

Family Project at Eagle Rock Resort in PA

When Bill and his family wanted to look into the possibility of buying a second home, the first direction they went was to the mountains. It all started during a ski trip to Eagle Rock Resort in Hazelton, Pennsylvania when the family came across a Conestoga Aspen Chalet cabin in the early stages of being […]

How to Live Off the Grid in a Cabin

Do you like the idea of living away from the hustle and bustle of a city? Have you ever wanted to embrace a more minimalist lifestyle and spend money only on necessities? If so, off the grid living may be for you, and a log cabin is a great place to start. Keep reading to […]

5 Common Log Cabin Myths – Busted

We all know how easy it is for false information to travel with all the social media available. When it comes to log cabins and homes, there are quite a few misconceptions floating around, and it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish myth from fact. So, we’ve decided to come up with a list of some common […]

Cabin Planning From Scotland

In November 2017 while browsing the web looking for cabin ideas, Andrew found Conestoga’s website and opened a chat with one of our Project Coordinators.  His initial interest was in the Brandywine model. 

How to Keep Pipes from Freezing in Your Cabin

As a cabin owner, you can probably imagine the frustration of putting your time, energy, and money into your cabin only for the pipes to freeze and burst. Unfortunately, this is a concern that all homeowners have in subzero temperatures. Thankfully, when thinking about how to keep pipes from freezing, there are several preventative measures […]

Alternative Heat Sources for Your Cabin

It’s no surprise that heating takes up a large part of the energy used in a typical U.S. home. In log cabins, which are often a second home or vacation spot for many people, it’s important to think about energy efficiency. No one wants to spend as much money heating their getaway cabin as they […]

8 Log Cabin Building Books to Read

What better time to sit down and read about building a log cabin than during the cold winter months? If you’re thinking about building a log cabin, you may want to head to your local library or bookstore and pick up one of these log cabin building books!

January 2019 Newsletter

In This Issue: Another State Park Chooses Conestoga Dodging the Landmines of Building Projects Bear Den Log Home Kit – New Custom Design Download Newsletter

How to Use Your Patio in the Winter

Does your log cabin have a patio or porch? If so, you probably only use it during warm weather. Now that it’s winter, doesn’t that mean your porch is unusable until springtime? Surprisingly, this isn’t the case! There are actually a variety of uses for your cabin’s porch or deck in the winter. Keep reading […]

Top 5 Log Cabin Maintenance Tips

Like any home, log cabins require maintenance from time to time. Regular maintenance of your log cabin reduces potential damage from UV exposure, water, insects and air infiltration. So, we put together a list of some log cabin maintenance tips for cabin owners. Keep in mind that this list is not intended to be all-inclusive, […]

How to Build a Cabin on a Budget

“I’ve always dreamed of owning a log cabin, but I don’t know if I can afford it…” Does this sound like you? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Cabin building doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, so don’t let money steer you away from building the log cabin of […]

5 Tips for a Cozy Log Cabin

It’s no surprise that log cabins are, in and of themselves, cozy. The rustic look of the wood gives cabins a charming feel, and the fact that they’re typically small and quaint makes them even more homey. However, it’s always possible to kick your cabin coziness up a notch! Keep reading to find out some […]

6 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving in the Cabin

Whether it’s a yearly tradition or something you’re trying out for the first time, spending Thanksgiving in a log cabin is an unforgettable experience. Not only does it give you the chance to escape into the wilderness and recharge for a bit, it’s also a great way to bond and make memories with friends and […]

Top 5 Places to Build A Log Cabin

Let’s face it. Deciding where to build a log cabin can be a pretty tough choice. The country is full of gorgeous areas that are prime log cabin territory, and it may be difficult to narrow it down to just one. If you’re struggling to decide on where to build your log cabin, you’re in the […]

Conestoga Log Cabins & Homes Plants 300 Trees and Donates $20,000

Volunteers from Lebanon-based Conestoga Log Cabins & Homes planted 300 trees working in partnership with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Keystone 10 Million Trees Project.  In addition, Conestoga Log Cabins donated $20,000 toward the cause.  The trees were planted in Mount Joy and the workers included employees and student volunteers. According to the Arbor Day Foundation, […]

September 2018 Newsletter

In This Issue:
Creation of a Log Cabin Chapel
New Handcrafted Conestoga Furniture
Upcoming Annual Fall Fest Open House

All About Birdwatching

All About Birdwatching at the Log Cabin Wherever your log cabin is, there are birds somewhere nearby.  Birdwatching, observing wild birds is their natural habitat, is a fun way to study nature and observe beauty.   This hobby can be enjoyed as a family, solo or with groups of friends.  You don’t need special skills and […]

Log Cabin Kits vs. Park Models

If you want to offer an authentic log cabin experience for your guests, don’t settle for a cheap imitation.  Log cabin kits allow flexibility in designing a log cabin that is perfect for your campground or camping resort.  Park models may appear to be cheaper up front, but there are other factors to consider. Log […]

What Is The Difference Between Handcrafted and Milled Logs?

Difference Between Handcrafted and Milled Logs Whether you are looking for a perfect hunting getaway for a warm retreat for you and your family, there is something incomparably cozy and American about quality log homes. It’s undeniable that log cabins are becoming increasingly popular. As of 2006, there were half a million log cabin homes […]

What Is an Engineered Log?

Engineered Log – The Best Choice for Your Log Cabin. It’s no secret that people have admired the beauty and durability of log cabins for centuries. Building materials have evolved significantly since the first log cabins were built hundreds of years ago. Today, engineered logs have been replacing the traditional log. Engineered logs are also […]

10 Must See Log Cabin Vacation Spots

People who love log cabins are also outdoors people who like the everyday adventure and appreciate all that the outdoors has to offer. Here we put together our favorite log cabin vacation spots where you can enjoy the great outdoors and still have the comfort of home in a rustic setting. Ashland Scenic Camping Resort […]

Big Benefits of Building and Living in a Small Cabin

The Conestoga team recently returned from exhibiting at a Tiny Home expo in Virginia. This show attracted people curious about tiny living. While many people are captivated by the idea of living in under 400 square feet, most of us desire a little more space. Conestoga offers several tiny home plans but we can also […]

Staging a Log Cabin Rental

Many log cabin owners subsidize the cost of ownership by renting their properties to vacationers.  Whether you are using a local rental agency or an online service, you will want your home to look its best in advertisements.  Staging a log cabin rental ensures that you present your property in the best possible light.  Vacationers […]

Make the Most of a Small Log Cabin Kitchen

A cozy log cabin usually means a small kitchen. That doesn’t mean that function and design need to be sacrificed. Read these ten tips on making the most of a small log cabin kitchen. 1. Light it Up Adding lights under cabinets will brighten up the space and make the kitchen more conducive to working. […]

Log Cabin Porch Pizazz

Log Cabin Porch Pizazz on a Budget Spring has sprung!  We can finally pack away the snow shovels and boots and begin to transition into spending more time outdoors.  One of the best things about log cabin living is enjoying your surroundings while relaxing on the porch.  Is it time to add a little pizazz […]

How To Downsize A Home

Downsizing is a word that we hear a lot these days.  Retirees are doing it.  Empty-nesters are trying it.  Home improvement shows tell us how to downsize.  It’s even the title of a movie starring Matt Damon.  As long as it’s not your employer that is downsizing. it can be a good thing.  Downsizing is […]

Cabin Decorations: Ideas At Your Doorstep

Whether you’ve had your first snow or are still lounging in shorts and flip flops, the holiday season is here!  This joyous time is a great opportunity to transform your log cabin into a winter paradise.  Here are some fun and easy ideas for log cabin decorations. Winter Cabin Decorations Yummy Décor – Fill glass […]

Log Cabin Furniture – The Finishing Touches on Your Log Home Experience

For most people, the image of a log cabin evokes feelings of coziness and nature. From the warm tones of the wood logs to bearskin rugs and antler accents, log cabin homes offer a comfortable and inviting atmosphere that smoothly blends the elements of nature with the coziness of the indoors. The insides of these […]

Rebuilding After Hurricane Katrina

Captain Ron Price –Buras, LA It took Ron Price years to find the perfect place to build his idea, which came to life in 2004.   In 2005, Hurricane Katrina took everything away from him.  Although there was no damage to the cabins other than being removed from their foundations and floating a distance away, it […]

CAD for Log Cabins

Computer Aided Design (CAD) was first used by engineers to create precision drawings and technical illustrations.   The use of CAD spread to other professions such as architects, artists, car manufacturers, fashion designers, video game developers and interior designers just to name a few.  Numerous industries utilize CAD programs to simplify the creation, modification and analysis […]

Tiny House Living in a Log Cabin?

It’s almost impossible to turn on a home improvement channel and not find some sort of tiny house program.  There’s Tiny House Living, Tiny House Nation, Tiny House Big Living, Tiny Luxury, Tiny House Builders, and Tiny House Hunters.  Tiny houses are popping up at camp sites, communities, back yards and RV parks.   The tiny […]

Hiking Hints

In most parts of the country, the blistering summer heat has passed and fall foliage is starting to peek through.  It’s a great time to put on your hiking boots and hit the trails.  Before you head out, here are a few things to keep in mind.  This is not intended to be an all-inclusive […]

Serenity Family Project in WA

In 2016 Jack and Charlene from WA drove their Tesla electric Sedan to PA to tour Conestoga’s facility and Mountain King Model.  They traveled their route specifically around service stations to replenish their car’s energy. Once arrived, they fell in love instantly with the cabin structure and purchased a Serenity log cabin kit. Jack, Charlene […]

Conestoga Partners with Hillside Family of Agencies

Hillside Family of Agencies, Rochester –  Hillside is committed to providing health, education and human services to all that need it, and working with the people of our communities to solve the most challenging social problems. Hillside serves approximately 13,000 youth and adults. Hillside approached Conestoga in late 2016 to design buildings to help them […]

September 2017 Newsletter

In this issue: Conestoga Cabin Survives Hurricane Irma New Conestoga Team Members Conestoga Partners with Hillside Family Customer Highlight: West Point Download Newsletter

Creating a Log Cabin Loft Office

Whether you run your business from home, occasionally telecommute or just want a private spot to get away and pay bills, a log cabin loft office may be right for you. A loft office is appealing for many reasons. You can keep an eye on things downstairs while being removed from the constant activity. You […]

Log Cabin Foundation Ideas

Deciding on the type of log cabin foundation is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the building process. Placing your log cabin on a solid foundation is critical to its long-term support and longevity. Knowing what foundation types are available as well as learning exactly what goes into building a log cabin […]

Buying an Existing Log Cabin

Who hasn’t dreamed of living in a log cabin home?  Maybe that dream is about to come true and you’re shopping for or already buying an existing log cabin.  Do you know what to look for?  Here a just a few items to check out before you make an offer. Buying an Existing Log Cabin: […]

Log Cabin Pet Spaces

Our furry friends are part of the family.  To make them feel right at home, consider making log cabin pet spaces for them.   Whether canine, feline, or something else design for the life of your pet and your family.  Here just a few ways to make your log cabin home per friendly. Special Log Cabin […]

Log Cabin Hardscaping

Log cabin hardscaping is essential to creating attractive outdoor living spaces and curb appeal. The hardscaping plan should work in concert with the landscaping design.  While landscaping covers all of the living parts of the yard, hardscaping includes all of the man-made elements such as walkways, seating, lighting, structures, fences and decorative elements.  Here are […]

June 2017 Newsletter

In this Issue: Business is Booming New Pavilion Product Line Launch Expanded ADA Cabin Line Mountain King is an American Favorite Welcome Center in the Keys Download Newsletter

Log Cabin Energy Code Compliance

State and local governments have had building codes in place for hundreds of years. These codes protect public health, safety, and general welfare.  A more recent addition to building codes are energy codes which can cover walls, floors, ceiling insulation, windows, air leakage and duct leakage.  The standards for energy code compliance vary from state […]

Pests at the Cabin, Repel Them Naturally

Spring is here…and so are pests at the cabin!  With the warm weather comes the revival of unwanted pests at the log cabin.  So how do you avoid being a meal without using chemicals?     Here are a few tips for protecting people, pets and the garden without pesticides. Pests at the Cabin…How to Repel them […]

Log Cabin Lighting

Log cabin lovers appreciate the warmth of log walls. Unfortunately charming log walls can also lead to very dark rooms. Log cabin lighting doesn’t have to be challenging. Unless you want to whitewash your logs to brighten up rooms, the keys are to plan ahead and to use layers of light. Plan Log Cabin Lighting […]

Log Cabin Sustainability

Energy efficiency and log cabin sustainability work together to save the environment as well as money.  Here a just a few solutions for keeping your log cabin green. Also, don’t forget to check out our log cabin sustainability infographic at the bottom of the post! Log Cabin Sustainability Starts With the Logs If you’re considering […]

Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Did you wait until the last minute and need to throw a Valentine’s Day gift together quickly? Are you tired of heart shaped cookies, chocolates and flowers? Here are ten quick Valentine’s Day gift ideas that can be made from objects you have around the house. DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 1. Everything is better […]

“Deck Out” Your Log Cabin Deck

Your log cabin deck is made for relaxing, socializing end enjoying the great outdoors.  By adding a deck, you extend your living space, while increasing the value of your log cabin.  But before you rush off to the local hardware store to buy supplies, consider a few important factors. First, check with local zoning authorities to […]

Modified Mountain King

From the outside it looks like a Mountain King, but once you walk inside you quickly notice the expanded deluxe kitchen that these owners added. As told by Wayne, cabin owner and builder: “…we built the Cabin in 2007, But it took us awhile to get to the finished product.  My wife and I built […]

The Environment, Bethlehem Steel and Babe Ruth: Conestoga Log Cabin’s Connection

In addition to a green manufacturing process, Conestoga Log Cabins & Homes shows its commitment to the environment in their selection of a manufacturing facility.  Conestoga took dilapidated buildings and transformed them into its current state of the art manufacturing plant. Conestoga Log Cabins’ current Lebanon, PA buildings date back to 1882 when they were […]

Furniture and Small Space Ideas for Log Cabins

Small space ideas for tiny spaces, we’ll try to provide some solutions. Small log cabins can present design challenges when it’s time to furnish them.  One of the first things to think about is scale.  When making furniture selections, keep that in mind that over-sized furniture in small spaces leaves the room feeling tight and […]

Fall Fright: 10 Haunted Cabins

What’s scarier than a haunted house? Of course it’s a haunted log cabin in the woods!  If you’re into ghosts, apparitions and the paranormal, you’ll want to check out these Haunted cabins. Haunted Cabins and Ghost Stories White Otter Castle The three story log cabin was single-handedly built over many years by eccentric Jimmy McOuat.  It […]

Don’t Fall Through on Log Cabin Fall Maintenance

Let’s admit it, log cabin Fall maintenance is boring, but you’ve made your last trip to the pool and you can almost feel the crispness in the air.  Before the mall starts playing holiday music, there are a few things to do to maintain your log cabin. Log Cabin Fall Maintenance Musts Safety First Replace […]

Start A Campground with Log Cabins

If you want to start a campground you are in the right place.  If you own a campground then more than likely you live, work, and sweat everything about your campground. When the campground is successful, then you are successful. There are ways to improve your campground or start if off on the right foot […]

How to Choose and Build Your Own Cabin Kit

For many people, log homes conjure feelings of peace, relaxation and nature. A residence constructed out of tree logs has a rustic quality with rugged imperfections. This natural-style living appeals to those who want a bit more character and are willing to take on the challenge of a DIY project. Today, however, that DIY challenge […]

Carolina Beach State Park Cabins

We love hearing stories from our customers.  Below is a story about the cabins purchased for Carolina Beach State Park and the history behind their names. Here’s a few nice pics of our new cabins at opening in late-May 2016. A little info on our naming of your beautiful cabins: Yaupon (pronounce Yo-pon) is an […]

Rainwater Harvesting Guide

Have you ever thought about rainwater harvesting at your log cabin? If not, it’s a great way to be environmentally conscious without a whole lot of effort. What is Rainwater Harvesting? First, rainwater harvesting means capturing and storing rain that falls usually on roofs.  Rooftop rainwater capture is a simple, cost-effective approach for supplying water […]

10 Hobbies to Take Up at the Cabin

Whether your log cabin kit was built as a vacation spot or a year round residence, you need a hobby while there to lead a balanced life.  Hobbies are stress reducers, provide entertainment and offer opportunities to spend time with family and friends.  Here are some inexpensive log cabin hobbies for people of all ages. […]

Herb Gardening at the Log Cabin

Herb gardens date back to ancient civilizations where herbs were used for medicinal purposes, seasoning and fragrance. Egyptian schools of herbalists existed thousands of years ago.  Herbs are mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible.  Pioneers had an herb garden next to their log cabins when they settled in early America.  So should you. […]

Outdoorsman Log Cabin Located in Rural Oklahoma- Wilburton

When this customer contacted Conestoga about building he was 49, 2 children of his own and 1 grandchild. He is an airline employee with moderate construction skills. Situation Will [customer] was looking for a cabin kit to erect on 140 rural acres outside of Wilburton Oklahoma in the Arc du Bois mountains. Will was looking […]

Log Cabin Foundation Options

Log Cabin Foundation One of the most important decisions you make in building your log cabin is the foundation selection.  According to The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterACHI) the purpose of a foundation is to “transfer the load of a structure to the earth and resist loads imposed by the earth.”  Several factors […]

Log Cabin Home Security

Whether your log cabin is your year round residence or a seasonal retreat, you want it to be secure.  Burglars are looking for easy access.  They want to be undetected and in and out as quickly as possible.  The average burglar is male, under 25 and targets areas within a few miles of his home.  […]

Log Cabin Organization and Storage Solutions

Americans have a lot of stuff. A billion dollar industry has been created so we have a place to keep our belongings.  Whether you live in a log cabin mansion or a tiny house constructed from a log cabin kit, you can have storage issues.  So, try some of the following suggestions on log cabin […]

Metal Roofs are a Growing Trend

The first thing most people think about when asked about roofing is plain old asphalt shingles.  They are the most common choice in the United States. To a log cabin lover, asphalt shingles are about as exciting as vinyl siding.  People are considering metal roofs more and more frequently when buying log cabin kits. More on […]

Shade Trees for the Log Cabin

When you picture a log cabin, it’s usually in the woods with lots of shade.  Your log cabin kit probably included a covered porch but who couldn’t use more shade? Shade trees make summers more comfortable, enhance your landscape, reduce energy costs, provide wind protection and improve property values. Shade Trees Are a Must Spring […]

Moisture, Mold & Mildew Prevention

Moisture, Mold & Mildew Prevention You finally have your log cabin kit just the way you want it.  So, don’t let moisture, mold and mildew damage your investment.  The first place to start moisture, mold and mildew prevention is the bathroom.  By their nature, bathrooms are full of moisture which can lead to mold and […]

The Nose Knows. Pick Fragrant Flowers.

Nothing is more memorable than smell.  Consider that when picking fragrant flowers for your log cabin.  Flowers should be enjoyed for their intoxicating fragrances as well as their beauty. Don’t rely on just one type of plant to provide fragrance. Choose a variety of plants that captivate your sense of smell wherever you go.  Situate around […]

Ice Frost in April!

Yes, that’s ice on trees in April! On his way to work at Conestoga Log Cabins, Ronald Myer saw this amazing sight. Local farmers spray orchards with water to form a thin layer of ice. The ice protects developing fruit buds from the unseasonably cold dropping temperatures.

Relax by the Fire but not on Cabin Fire Safety

The snow has melted, but it’s not quite time to jump in the pool, grab your marshmallows and hit the fire pit!  Of course your outdoor fire can do way more than make s’mores, but whatever activity you are enjoying, remember cabin fire safety. It provides warmth, ambiance and sets the scene for a delightful […]

ATVs at the Cabin: Work and Play

ATVs at the cabin are a must-have! Since most log cabins aren’t located in major metropolitan areas, chances are if you own a log cabin, you live in close proximity to nature.  If that’s the case, you’re in the perfect spot for four wheeling.  Four wheelers are ideal for the log cabin owners who want […]

Creating Your Outdoor Living Space At the Cabin

Chances are if you’re a log cabin lover, outdoor living is every day. Designing the perfect log cabin shouldn’t stop at the inside.  Consider how much your family would enjoy outdoor living space.  All kinds of options, on all kinds of budgets, are available to maximize your cabin’s porch, patio or deck. Outdoor Living Space […]

Sprucing Up the Interior Log Walls

Are your interior log walls looking a little dusty or downright grimy?  Maybe it’s time for a good cleaning.  Don’t let it get to the point where a striping and sanding are necessary.  That’s a messy job inside a furnished cabin. Sprucing Up the Interior Log Walls First, start out with a thorough dusting.  Getting […]

Passing the Family Log Cabin Onto the Next Generation

Passing Down the Family Log Cabin Many years of happy memories have been created at the family log cabin.  Parents often want to keep tradition alive and pass the cabin down to their children.  Sometimes parents discover that while their children may have expressed an interest in keeping the cabin in the family after their […]

What is a Construction Loan?

What is a Construction Loan? Designing and building your dream log cabin home can be an exciting experience.  However, don’t let concerns over financing the construction derail you.  There are options available if you don’t have cash upfront to cover building costs, like construction loans. Many lenders offer construction loans to cover expenses during the […]

2016 Winter Snow Photo Contest

Our photo winner is Robert C., with a Trout Run in WY! Congratulations Robert!   View all submitted photos below…

Favorite Valentine’s Day Treats

Whether you are sharing Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart, friends or family, every occasion is better with snacks!  We think you’ll LOVE these Valentine’s Day treats! Valentine’s Day Treats Valentine’s Day Popcorn Ingredients 1/4 cup Pink Candy Melting Chips 5 cups popped Popcorn 1/4 cup Red Candy Melting Chips 1/4 cup Valentine M&Ms (or more […]

Loving Your Cabin Loft

A log cabin loft is great for extra sleeping quarters but they can be so much more!   These multipurpose spaces can be used for a myriad of things.   Here are some creative ways to make your log cabin loft work for you and your family. Tips for a Great Cabin Loft Playroom Kids can feel […]

February 2016 Newsletter

In this issue: 15 Tips for Building a Log Cabin Looking for Nationwide Assemblers Financing – What is a Construction Loan? Download Newsletter

10 Interior Design Ideas for Your Log Home

Often log cabin interior design can be overwhelmed by the imposing look of wood everywhere.  With log walls, hardwood floors and log ceilings, the dominating visual aspect is wood.  Log cabin design can be more than timber and earthy colors.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that but there are other options.  Here a few […]

15 Helpful Tips for Building a Log Cabin Kit

Building a log cabin kit shouldn’t be a headache.  Start off with a reputable log cabin kit manufacturer that offers detailed instructions, assembly videos and insightful customer support and you’ll be well prepared. Building a Log Cabin Kit Steps Below, we’ve also compiled a list of helpful hints that other log home owners have found […]

Log Cabin Pets

So you’ve finished the assembly of your log cabin kit and the family is anxious to start spending time in your new vacation cabin making memories.  Do you take the entire family or leave the pets at home?  Not all pets are suited for travel. What’s the best decision for your pet’s personality?  Before making […]

Log Home Insulation: Properly Insulating Your Log Home Kit

Even though logs can naturally store some heat, you may need to consider log home insulation.  Insulation might not be necessary for log homes in mild climates or those only used seasonally.  However, if your cabin is a year-round residence in a colder climate, we recommend insulation.  Insulating walls, floors and ceilings will contribute to […]

Log Cabin Renting: Is It An Option For You?

Log cabin renting: are you thinking about it?  Maybe you want to help pay off the mortgage sooner.  Maybe you just want extra money when your family isn’t using the cabin.  Regardless of your reasons, renting out your log cabin can help offset the costs of owning it. Most people decide to rent their property […]

Bob Vila, Home Improvement Expert, Recommends Conestoga Log Cabins

Bob Vila, noted building and home improvement specialist and TV host for almost three decades, recommends Conestoga Log Cabin kits as a low cost kit for the 21st century. Vila discusses the low maintenance logs and range of floor plans available. Read the full story.

A-Frame Design

All About A-Frame Design You can recognize an A-frame design log cabin by its triangular roof that resembles the letter “A.”  Even though they have been around for centuries, A-frames became increasingly prevalent in the mid-1950’s through the 1970’s.  Their popularity grew especially as vacation homes.  The numerous benefits of A-frame cabins explain why they […]

Hunting Log Cabin Kits

The Perfect Hunting Cabin – Hunting Log Cabin Kits Hunters take their lodging seriously; in many instances they take pride in building their hunting log cabin kits themselves. A Conestoga log cabin kit, with its straightforward installation, makes for a realistic building project for those with good general knowledge of construction. Various floor plans and […]

Log Profiles Available for Your Log Cabin Kit

One of the things to consider when building a log cabin is the log profile.  The log profile refers to the shape of the timber used for the log cabin.  Logs are stacked horizontally to construct the walls.  Log profile defines the look of the log cabin.  The log profile affects the overall appearance of […]

Timber Ridge Model Concept

The Timber Ridge was developed from a conceptual drawing of a custom home that was centered around a customer’s needs. The customer wanted this home to portray a 100 year old building with the main goal of having a space for weekend retreats that could double as a hunting cabin.  Energy efficiency was also an interest, […]

Cabin Dealer or Manufacturer?

So you want to build a log cabin… Do you go straight to the manufacturer or go through a log cabin dealer?  Are dealers beneficial to the consumer?  Should the consumer take the brand into consideration when purchasing a new log cabin? Find out below! Cabin Dealer vs. Non-Dealer There is a lot to consider […]

Chink or Caulk to Repair Gaping Log Walls

Keeping your log cabin home warm and insulated requires regular maintenance.  Your maintenance plan should include closing gaps in log courses.  The two methods that are primarily used to repair gaping log walls are chink and caulk. Caulk is typically used when the gap is ¾ of an inch and chink is used when the […]

Log Cabin Roof Systems and Design

Price, durability and architecture are the primary considerations.  There are many options to choose from when it comes to deciding on log cabin roof systems. Log Cabin Roof Systems: Choosing the right one is an integral part in designing your log cabin. Beams and Roof Style There are three major log cabin roof styles: An […]

Top 5 Log Cabin Movies

Plenty of classic movies take place in log cabins.  Don’t just think about horror movies with the haunted cabins and scary serial killers like Jason from the Friday the 13th series or 2012’s Cabin in the Woods.  Below are five of our favorite log cabin movies.  So, curl up on the sofa with some popcorn […]

Log Cabin Dream Delivered

One of the oldest segments of pre-fabricated housing is the log cabin kit manufacturer.  It has allowed thousands to live out their boyhood dream, such as retired Lutheran pastor Paul Smeltz, who, along with his son, rolled up his sleeves to assemble a 1,500 square foot vacation log cabin on the 42-acre family plot in […]

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