Building a log cabin kit shouldn’t be a headache.  Start off with a reputable log cabin kit manufacturer that offers detailed instructions, assembly videos and insightful customer support and you’ll be well prepared.

Building a Log Cabin Kit Steps

Below, we’ve also compiled a list of helpful hints that other log home owners have found useful.  Happy building!

  1. Consider construction timing. How will the weather impact building?  Do you have enough daylight working hours?  What’s the condition of the ground?  This is also useful for setting and picking the foundation.
  2. Gather necessary tools ahead of time. Common tools used to assemble log cabin kits are level, circular saw, caulk gun, ladders, tape measure, utility knives, electric drill, wire cutters, pipe clamps, hammers, screw guns and bits, high speed drill, drill bit & spade bits, chalk line and framing squares.
  3. Once the log cabin kit arrives, unwrap all bundles and familiarize yourself with all of the components. Save the wrap to protect materials from the elements.
  4. Have additional plastic or tarps on hand to cover materials.building a log cabin kit - plan for Huron multipurpose log building
  5. Protect your flooring from the elements to avoid swelling and shrinking. Keep floor boards off the ground.
  6. Next, place logs around the cabin in the order and position they go on.
  7. Make sure your foundation and skids are level and square. Recheck constantly before installing floor.
  8. Check that every log course is seated tightly on the log underneath. Use at least a 3 lb. hammer or small sledge hammer for the 80D nails.  A carpenter’s hammer is often too small.
  9. Take your time running the electric wires before you put down flooring. Consult an electrician or have someone on-site experienced in the electrical field.
  10. When running wires, pull as much wire as needed from the floor deck to get to device from the electrical box all at once. Don’t try to pull the wire as you go.
  11. It is typical for log walls to fan out if there are many doors and windows. So, use a long bar clamp or ratchet strap to pull walls together.
  12. Check your door height on all metal doors. You may need to cut out the door.  It is easier to cut when the log is not nailed into position.
  13. Try to move larger items (showers, sinks, tubs) into place before the walls are completely up.
  14. Try to keep floors and walls clean and away from mud or dirt. This still requires sanding, but not as much.
  15. Finally, pilot drill trim for screws and finish nails.

Do you have any tips and tricks for building a log cabin kit?