“There’s No Place Like the Cabin”

Creating a Room That’s Truly Great: The Great Room

It’s the room where we take a load off at the end of the day and the natural second stop after the kitchen. There’s something about Sunday afternoons that draws certain family members here for their regularly scheduled naps. But remember, to the kids they’re just resting their eyes. (At least that’s what my grandpa always told me growing up and I never doubted him). It’s hard to imagine a home without a space intended simply for the things we often wish we could spend more time doing. But in the moments when we find ourselves fully present in the room, we can’t help but look forward to when we find ourselves here again. The Great Room. Its raised ceilings and second-story views bring an architectural appeal to a cabin. But its welcoming essence is hosted by how it is designed. Welcome to the second installment of our interior design series! May these ideas help you create a room that’s so great you’ll never want to leave.


Because a cabin great room generally has taller than normal ceiling heights, the space is begging for a centralized and grand hanging light fixture that will set the tone of the room. You might think that just the term chandelier is too sophisticated to even be associated with your simple cabin getaway. However, picking the right one from the various sizes and styles can be an exciting addition to spark conversation. If the space allows, why not add a second matching one that’s the same finish as the kitchen hardware? A fun tip to keep in mind, install light dimmers to create a candlelit ambiance in your one-of-a-kind cabin great room.


When it comes to furniture for your cabin great room, you want to gravitate toward the pieces that either look slightly aged or that will age well. Leather sofas have a way of always appearing lived in even when they are new. The natural discoloration of the material and its smooth yet creased texture beautifully leans into the hominess of a cabin great room with both comfort and style. Pairing it with a few suede or velvet accent chairs adds additional seating and more color to the design if desired. Centering these pieces around a coffee table or large wicker baskets pretending to be one gives you chic storage opportunities and, if it’s okay with mom, a place to kick up your feet.


To the kids, it’s Santa’s way of bringing Christmas. To a cabin great room, the fireplace is the anchor of the space, attracting every eye to its stone facade and roaring flame. It’s common to see a grey-toned fieldstone or dry stack surround the indoor fire. Yet, while the stone style is charming, why not move away from the grey color and break up the cabin’s great room wood by introducing a whitewashed stone or something else that adds unexpected originality? If the surface allows, install a mantel that compliments the color chosen for the rest of the facade and use it as a platform to display decor and family history.


Speaking of, decor allows you to individualize any space and truly leave your design fingerprints for all to marvel at. A cabin great room without a large area rug simply doesn’t make sense. Rugs can bring warmth to a space that naturally feels cold while adding layers through textures like jute and sisal or patterns like traditional and oriental. Their vibrant color options will beautifully stand out amidst what may be a neutral design theme throughout the home. Throw pillows and blankets can reflect the colors represented in the area rug and furniture, and exposed beams add interest to your sightlines in height. And don’t forget about framing the view peeping through the cabin great room windows with a pair of soft and muted curtains. Taxidermy may be a staple in cabin great rooms but highlighting large corner plants and family photos breathes more life into the space.


Your cabin may be the designated retreat. Therefore, it’s understandable to want to unwind in your cabin great room and appreciate the location without distractions like a TV. Make your own entertainment with a piano, whose keys can unlock childhood musical memories and look great while doing so. If your cabin is indeed a tiny house with little room to spare for a large instrument, listen to nostalgic classics by watching a vinyl turn on its record player. There’s nothing like hearing the scratching of the needle within an unforgettable melody. Making any room great starts with translating personal stories of the past and present in a way that is both comfortable and timeless while also inspiring new ones for the future. Remember that those who sit in your sofas and whose feet walk across the rug are the ones who make the stories worth sharing in a room beautifully designed to capture it all.

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