The Cabin Front Porch

"There's No Place Like the Cabin" Your Cabin Front Porch - Just Like the Movies It was where Forrest Gump, “for no particular reason…decided to go for a little run” (Forrest Gump, 1994). Scout Finch learned here that “Atticus was right…you never really know a man until you stand in his shoes” (Harper Lee's To [...]

The Cabin Backyard

"There's No Place Like the Cabin" The Cabin Backyard - Your Outdoor Oasis What are log homes without the outdoors? Without nature painted like a canvas through every window asking us to enjoy all that it has to offer. When we travel to the cabin, we are traveling to an experience, one that would not [...]

The Cabin Bathroom and Closet

"There's No Place Like the Cabin" The Cabin Bathroom and Closet When you hear the word “log home” what rooms immediately come to mind? Before you mentally respond, I would like to offer a scenario that may challenge your perspective. After a long day, you park the car adjacent to your log home and when [...]

Dreaming of a Cabin Bedroom

"There's No Place Like the Cabin" The Cabin Bedroom The cabin bedroom can best be described as a sanctuary. With a closed door, the pause button is pressed on outside responsibilities and other time-consuming activities, and the play button is released on rest. It sees us off in the early mornings of our daily routines [...]

Cabin Loft Living

"There's No Place Like the Cabin" The Cabin Loft We’ve spent some time on the first floor of the cabin in the previous installments of this blog series. Now let’s head upstairs to a space where the design possibilities are endless. To a room that overlooks the great room and offers opportunities for something that [...]

Cabin Dining

"There's No Place Like the Cabin" Taste and See In the Dining Room The dining room is one of those spaces that sees a lot of traffic – parents with their coffee, kids with their backpacks and books, and of course the meals. Its table and chairs are meant for gathering and eating. But the [...]

Cabin Great Room

"There's No Place Like the Cabin" Creating a Room That’s Truly Great: The Great Room It’s the room where we take a load off at the end of the day and the natural second stop after the kitchen. There’s something about Sunday afternoons that draws certain family members here for their regularly scheduled naps. But [...]

Cabin Kitchen Design

"There's No Place Like the Cabin" Cabin Cuisine There's something about log cabins that's hard to replicate anywhere else, and we at Conestoga Log Cabins may be biased, but we couldn't agree more.  Whether you want to plant roots in the woods or have your own Pearson Family Cabin like the one seen on This [...]
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Backyard Sheds Gain Popularity During COVID

Creativity During COVID 2020 has been an incredibly unique time in modern history. With the challenges and uncertainty that have been added to life because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is safe to say that just about everyone is looking for some semblance of normalcy to return to their lives. COVID has affected almost every […]