“There’s No Place Like the Cabin”

Cabin Cuisine

There’s something about log cabins that’s hard to replicate anywhere else, and we at Conestoga Log Cabins may be biased, but we couldn’t agree more.  Whether you want to plant roots in the woods or have your own Pearson Family Cabin like the one seen on This Is Us, we completely understand and have made the cabin-building experience just as enjoyable as the cabin itself.  But after our Log Cabin Kits have turned your dream into a reality, how are you going to make your cabin house a home?  To offer some design tips and tricks for your rustic tiny house, here is the kitchen installment of our new series, “There’s No Place Like the Cabin”.


Kitchen cabinets are a storage solution that beautifies our daily routines.  They hold the stuff we’re proud of, and maybe when the neighbors unexpectedly stop by, the dirty dishes that we’re not as proud of too.  They also give you the opportunity to introduce something new design-wise while still respecting the natural aura of your log cabin.  White cabinets have become a favorite amongst small kitchen renovations because they can make any space in a tiny house look and feel bigger.  But don’t shy away from a bold color like green.  This fun way to define your kitchen as its own room so that it is not lost amidst all of the wood.  Kitchen cabinet prices range anywhere from $60 to $1,200 per linear foot, depending on how custom or stock you choose to go.  A black or brass finish hardware package can elevate any form of cabinetry as well.  And if traditional cabinets aren’t your style and you’re more of an open book, opt for some floating shelves to tell your story and add dimension to the space.


Here is where the brunt of the magic happens in your kitchen.  Hence, investing in a durable countertop for any small kitchen renovation can save you money in the future and beautifully frame the space.  If you’ve chosen to take the white kitchen route in your cozy cabin, consider a butcher block countertop to bring some warmth back into your kitchen.  Butcher block is also a great option if you’re looking for something that can be both quality and budget-friendly.  Sticking to visually lighter countertops, even if you choose a more expensive stone like quartz or granite, will showcase your kitchen as a room that both airy and inviting while adding a modern sense of hominess to your woodsy retreat.


Log cabins have a rich history.  Therefore, vintage-looking appliances are the perfect way to pay homage to their story without reading through a textbook or two.  But if you’re really interested in some great literature on cabins, these are some of our favorites.  A vintage range or a retro fridge are naturally nostalgic.  Their presence can represent childhood memories that you may hope to replicate in your own cabin home.  These can get pricey, so stainless appliances are always a good and safe option.  But if you do your research right, you may just come across that diamond in the rough that ends up transforming your cabin kitchen into a needed culinary time machine.


Consistent flooring throughout a home is a common theme on design lists, specifically hardwood floors. However, the kitchen is meant to host your personality and its flooring is a great place to express that. Everyone marvels at decorative tile, especially the ones that are imported from the places we all want to travel to but can’t just yet. And while this is certainly an option, making a design statement in your tiny house doesn’t have to cost as much money (or miles). Vinyl flooring is available in numerous styles, textures, and colors that can look exactly like the ones advertised in luxury home magazines while also being kinder to your wallet. And if this doesn’t match your idea of coziness, simply roll out a fun runner – one whose pattern can hide whatever doesn’t make it in your sink and still be charming.


Kitchens are where gatherings gravitate, and meals become memories. They are the heart of the home, especially in a tiny house, because they do more for us than any other room. So when the dust settles from a small kitchen renovation, choosing simple décor is common because it allows the space to breathe and be as functional as possible. Showcasing your pretty dishware keeps those pieces easily accessible and working in a houseplant or two welcomes the outside in. Electing for this design style also frees up countertop space which we can often find ourselves wishing we had more of. Cabins are designed for storytelling and the kitchen is foundational to how those tales are told. It’s only right that it is designed in a way that not only creates delicious traditions but also comfortably hosts the memories that mold those stories into what they are. After all, the best thing about memories is making them.

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